Friday, March 07, 2008

Bugs and Daffy

So my wish that the Democratic race would come to an end on Tuesday obviously didn't happen. That means six more weeks of winter. Or severe political bickering.

The thing is, once the Wyoming caucus is over on Saturday and the Mississippi primary on Tuesday, it's going to be the better part of six weeks until the Pennsylvania primary. That gives lots and lots of time for things to get very mean. And very silly.

For example, my friend Corey sent me this link from the New York Times. Yes, it's from a month ago, but get used to more of this level of this silliness. They have lots of space to fill and lots and lots of time where nothing is going to be happening.

However, I can top that. For pure silliness, I defy you to top this one - Obama is Bugs Bunny, Clinton is Daffy Duck. And it will only get weirder from here. Then again, I prefer the weird to the outright evil that's likely about to spring forth from both campaigns.

Two more links for you this evening. The first is political also. Myself and plenty of other people have noticed the similarities between this electoral campaign and the last two seasons of the West Wing. Apparently, there might be a reason for that.

And this is a non-political link that I found interesting. One of our favourite songs in recent years has been Hallelujah. Which version, of course, is a matter of personal preference. We like Rufus Wainwright's version. However, if you want a complete history of the song, how many people have covered and how the popular cover version right now really has little to do with Cohen's original, you might like this post.

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Clare said...

There are so many reasons to love Leonard Cohen, and one of my favourite is his comment upon winning Male Vocalist of the year at the Junos a number of years back - "Only in Canada could I be considered the vocalist of the year".

I had to laugh at the timing of Hallelujah link. I know that American/Canadian Idol is one of your favourite television events of the year, and this week one of the male contestants sang Hallelujah. I winced through the whole version but the judges loved it (it was the contestant with the dreads). The funniest song choice though was one of the contestants doing a George Michaels tune, given the revelation that another contestant is/was a Gay stripper.

Clare said...

Of course reading my comment back I think it makes me look a little intolerant, and that wasn't my point.

For the record, I think it should not make one iota of a difference if the contestant is 1) gay, or 2) a male stripper - a legal occupation. Watching the first show after the "news" broke he looked to me for all the world like a kid waiting to get kicked. Give him his props for sticking it through when he probably wanted to hide.