Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Regular readers of the blog will know that one of my favourite musicians is Colleen Power. I consider her one of the most fun and clever lyricists in a place where there's an abundance of people who can write really good songs. But Colleen can always get me to smile or laugh a couple of times on her albums. I still do it, even after hearing these songs dozens of times. Plus, I've had the pleasure of interviewing her a couple of times and running into her when I'm in town and she's about as nice and friendly a person as you could hope to meet.

I don't know when her next album is coming out. Hopefully soon since she hasn't released an English album since 2004 and I'm getting anxious for new material. I'm getting hopeful that it's coming soon since The Independent, a St. John's paper, produced the lyrics for a song I've never heard before. They don't say where they got the lyrics from, nor are there any updates on Colleen's website or myspace page.

But regardless, it's typical Colleen, in that it's funny and clever. And, apparently, it's rap, which is a bit different for her. I can't wait to hear it, but in the meantime, the lyrics make me smile. And it's appropriate song for a blog with a title like the one I have.


“What is she doin’ with a Townie?” whispers a voice throughout the song. “What is she doin’ with a Townie?”

Well I’m from around the Bay, but I lives in Town

I’m right on the go, nothin’ gets me down

’cept when I goes around the Bay, they don’t understand

What I sees in me new Townie man


If you can’t get a man get a Townie they say

They always says that I should move back out around the bay

But I likes it here in Town and that’s where I’m stayin’

And the last thing I wants is a hairy-arsed bayman


They won’t let it go, no they’ll never understand

They gives him dirty looks and they won’t shake his hand

Well it’s too bad for them, that’s what I’m saying

Go back to the woods ye bunch of shaggin’ Baymen

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Anonymous said...

Coleen Power's playing with 3 other acts + open mikes on Wed, Apr 2 9 pm - midnight at Folk Night at the Ship ($ 5). The're actually calling it Filk Night - and it's Science Fiction Music. Featuring COLLEEN POWER, THE ART STOYLES BAND, JEAN HEWSON and many other extra-terrestrials. I can definitely see Coleen contributing in the coolest way to this!!!!! Amazing Link: http://www.nlfolk.com/folkclub/folkclub.html
Then click on the Apr 2 link!!!

BTW, Coleen was a great band member and solo and backupsinger at the St. John's Does Bruce Springsteen Tributes: Jan 26 at Rock House (Jan 25 was snowed out) & 3 at the Ship. The last one at the Ship was done by candlelight - due to a power outage affecting a lot of St. John's. THEY ARE GOING TO BE STAGING THE SHOW AGAIN LATER. IT WAS ONE OF THE COOLEST SHOWS EVER!!!!! Coleen Power did leads on Brilliant Disguise & Atlantic City and she ROCKED & looked really great!!!!! Because the Night by Liz Solo (Pickard) was tremendous. Lineup was: Featuring Jody Richardson, Blair Harvey, Liz Pickard, Mark Bragg, Luke Major, Jon Hynes, Brad Power, Geri Hollett, Phil Churchill, Jamie March, Adam McGrath, Colleen Power, Chris Harnett, Sherry Ryan, and Sean Panting. Check out the facebook page - including pics by candlelight at the Ship!!!!! http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=23462280448 This was the most intense, fun, cool wonderful live shows ever. Everyone was so great!!!! I was going to say that Blair Harvey & Jody Richardson & Jon Hynes & Luke Major were also standouts - but the energy & sweat and joy everyone involved was an alsolute standout. Well worth making a trip to see - I honestly think there was more feeling with this show than the real thing!!!!! Best people to check with re when show will be restaged are Phil Churchill http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=522125937
or Mark Bragg http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=850870631.