Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's Spring! Sort of...

It's actually warmish here today. It's nothing radical like actual warm spring weather....something I've only experienced once in my life, and that was in South Korea. But the temperature is around -7 C, which is about has warm has it has been up here since October. And after a winter of temperatures constantly colder than -30, it feel positively balmy. Remember, if you're in St. John's, 30 C is scorching compared to 0 C. Same theory applies up here.

Today, we took Boo out for another walk in the snow. Here's your weekly Boo pic.

And there was a lot of snow. The warmer temperatures mean that snow is more like than when it's bitter cold. I say we probably got about 20 cm of snow since Friday. Not a lot if you live in Newfoundland, but that's a lot for up here. At least the people with snowmobiles are happy. They've been zipping around town like maniacs.

The other nice thing is we were able to get a window in the apartment open for the first time since October. A blast of fresh air in the apartment is nice. You don't realize how stale the air has been until the fresh stuff starts to circulate.

One thing unrelated to the weather...the last curling bonspiel of the year is happening next weekend. If you live in Iqaluit and you're interested in taking part, let me know.

And why would you want to take part? Aside from the fun and a bar, we're going to have many cool prizes for those who take part...the coolest being four Canadian North tickets from Iqaluit to Ottawa. And they're door prizes, so you and your team can stick up the joint, and you still have a reasonable chance of winning a plane ticket. Plus, there's a bar, so there's no problem drowning your sorrows afterwards.

Say what you will about the airlines up here, they do offer up a lot of free plane tickets. I've won one already (and I'm using it next month) and there are plenty of other places that get free plane tickets. I think the curling club has gotten at least eight free plane tickets for bonspiels this year, plus gift certificates for cargo. You wouldn't see that back in Newfoundland. Not in a million years would Air Canada offer up so many free plane tickets. Or that you would have reasonable odds of winning one. We could have as many as 16 teams, which would be 64 players. So you have a 1 in 16 chance, at worst. If we have 14 teams, where I think we are now, then it's a 1 in 14 chance of winning a ticket.

Try and find those odds in Newfoundland of winning a plane ticket.

Anyway, it will be fun. I'm looking forward to get my last curling fix for the season.

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