Sunday, March 16, 2008

God, that was dull

I really do love curling, as is probably amply evident by the amount of time I talk about it on this blog. But honestly, when you have Brier finals like the one I just watched, I can understand why people find the sport as exciting as watching paint dry. What a dreadful game. I think it was the worst bit of curling I've watched all week. It wasn't just all the mistakes both teams were making, but they both played so conservatively. They each had so much respect for each other than neither one of them wanted to go in and mix things up.

You know when you have people yelling from the stands "Boring!" that you're in deep trouble. I had to drag Cathy's comatose body from the couch and put her to bed. I'm hoping the coma isn't permanent and that she wakes up in the morning. Otherwise, I'll be calling the CBC and the CCA tomorrow and be quite annoyed that they managed to put my wife in a coma.

On top of that, Martin won, which pretty much assures more boring curling at the World's. Cathy will be glad about that, at the very least. It means I'll likely miss most of the World's. It'll be too dull for words.

On top of that, the commentators seemed like they were half in a coma. It was the last game the CBC is going to air, and it really felt like they were punching the clock. Even when Howard gives them a gift at the 5 end break by blaming some of the picks of the rocks by one of the Alberta's players bad habit of kneeling on the ice (the warmth of the body melts the ice a bit, causing flat spots), they didn't even follow up on it when they interviewed Martin afterwards.

Boring, boring, boring....


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