Sunday, March 16, 2008

Boo on ice

So with the temperatures creeping up in the balmy mid -20s, and no wind today, I decided to take Boo out for a walk. The poor dog has been cooped up inside the apartment most of the winter because it's been too cold to take him outside for even a few minutes.

The result has been, well, I won't say psychotic episodes, but certainly prolonged bouts of exceptional binkiness. For example, we might be sitting on the couch and the dog will start running from the living room to the bedroom barking for no reason for about 10 minutes. Cathy has been throwing his stuffed fish so much we think she might have actually injured her elbow from doing it.

He needs to get out more and with the weather becoming something other than bitter, freeze your ass off in less than five minutes cold that's likely to start happening more.

Today Cathy took the car and went to a scrap-booking class. So rather than drive up to the Road to Nowhere or go the Sylvia Grinnell Park, I just walked five minutes from the apartment and out onto the ice covering the bay. And Boo has himself a fine old time running around like a maniac, bouncing through snow drifts and chasing after imaginary things.

Here are some of the photo highlights.

Last Five
1. Atlantic Blue - Ron Hynes*
2. Under my thumb - Rolling Stones
3. Two shots of happy - Matt Dusk
4. So here we are - Bloc Party
5. Diamond ring - Sheryl Crow


Anonymous said...

OMG,,he is so adorable. Almost makes me wanna get a dog. Don't think the cat would be too happy if I did.

Karin said...

That's one happy dog.

jen said...

OH! He is soo cute! I love the beard shot!
I also love the third shot, it's kind of hilarious and beautiful at the same time. I think it needs to be made into a poster with something funny written on it. Did you say boo was a Bichon Frise? You could put on it "Bichon Frise-ing my ass" ok maybe a little lame.

towniebastard said...

He's not a Bichon, although admittedly he looks a lot like one. He's a Coton de Tulear, which is a rarer breed in Canada.

Boo was expensive, but I doubt there's enough money in the world to get us to part with him at this point.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

That outfit is really cute!