Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh Danny boy...

Something for those of you celebrating St. Patrick's Day, today. You can never go wrong with Muppets.

And don't forget, the line's are still open over at Dups' St. Patrick's Drunk Dial competition. By all accounts my call blew the doors off the place, but it's not too late to try and come up with your own bit of fun. Once the competition closes, I'll put up what I said.

Oh, and if you want to hear us talk about the Drunk Dial, go here. Although I should note that this is all Dups. They list me as one of the co-founders, but I'm not. Merely a source of inspiration.

Last Five
1. Gloria - U2
2. I'm finding it harder to be a gentleman - The White Stripes*
3. Helpless - k.d. lang
4. John Henry - Bruce Springsteen
5. Say hello, wave goodbye - David Gray


Jackie S said...

LOVE the new header. Very swank.

In Iqaluit said...

Nice picture! And if you look really hard, you can see my house!