Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Close, but not quite

Apparently I very nearly won the St. Patrick's Day Drunk Dial, but a literal 11th hour call beat me out. Having listened to it, well, it's pretty damn good. Certainly more lyrical and poetic than my ramblings.

So I offer my congratulations to the winner and resolve to come up with something next year to win. And hopefully something that doesn't involve having to do a very terrible Irish accent.

But on the upside, while I didn't finish first, I still got a prize. The winner got a bottle of Screech, which I wouldn't have much use for. Instead, I got a percentage of the profits from the site. Which, because this is the first year Dups has put this online and tried to market it, was admittedly a bit small. So I got $15.

We're trying to figure out how much I could actually buy for $15 in Iqaluit. Not much admittedly. That's why I've decided to invest my winnings into Dups Drunk Dial site. Hopefully this $15 investment will double, maybe even triple in the coming years.

If you're curious about the winners and everyone else who participated, then go here. And while they're dear friends, I wonder if Andrew and Karin weren't on something stronger than booze. If nothing else, the site is a wonderful place for their daughter Amelia to visit in a few years time to discover that mom and dad are she won't have already realized that by the time she turns 13.

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