Friday, March 14, 2008

Poor loser

Despite the fact that nothing is really going to happen for the better part of five weeks, I still keep paying attention to the long, slow 401-level pile up that is the Democratic nomination. Granted, the Spitzer disaster this week took some of the focus off the race.

For those wondering, Cathy's reaction – "there's no way in hell I would be standing up there next to you if you did that." To which I don't blame her. It took a special level of narcissist to ask his wife to stand by him on a national stage while admitting he slept with a $4,000 an hour hooker. And with stories coming out saying he spent enough on call girls the past decade to put one of his daughters through Harvard, well, he should be grateful she's not on stage behind him with a large baseball bat.

Anyway, the nominee race has turned into a sadly predictable knife fight. The problem with that is Clinton is very good at a knife fight, while I suspect Obama isn't. Let's put it this way, they both might have knives, but Clinton made sure her's is a bit rusty and she rubbed in it shit beforehand, so that any cuts get infected and fester.

And then there's the whole Michigan/Florida seating debacle. Personally, I don't think they should get a seat. They violated the rules, they knew the consequences, and the candidates all agreed to stripping them of representation. But now that Clinton is behind and that this could hurt the Democratic nominee in Michigan and Florida come the fall, they're talking about seating them.

The best suggestion, in my humble opinion, on how to deal with the matter, other than not giving them any damn seats like they were told was going to happen, is this one. By all accounts, Clinton hates it, Obama hates it and Florida really hates it, but it works for me. If all three of them hate it, it generally means they're on the right track. Besides, I'm all about anything that suppresses Florida from voting. Yes, it's undemocratic, but that state has shown a real ability to fuck up democracy at a much wider scale. If they were confining their mistakes to just their state, that would be one thing. But do you really want to give them the ability to fuck up who can be president twice in eight years through their inability to run a proper election?

Anyway, here's hoping that Al Gore, John Edwards and Bill Richardson stand up on a platform at some point in the next month, point to Obama and say, "this is the person to lead us" and end this foolishness.

One last thing, I really liked this column from the Huffington Post. Certainly helped put some things into perspective for me.

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