Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Let it be over

Dear God, but I want the Democratic primary to be settled tonight. Don't get me wrong, this has been fascinating to watch. I've been utterly uninterested in Canadian politics for the past couple of months because of it. The prime minister is in a scandal where members of his party might have tried to have bribe a dying man with a life insurance policy during a critical vote? Yawn. What's the latest on Hilary and Obama?

It needs to end now so I can stop cruising U.S. political websites, trying to glean pieces of information on the latest twists and turns in the race. I'm burnt out. The thought of this continuing on to Pennsylvania six weeks from now or, God help us all, to the Democratic Convention in September fills me what can only be described as "fear and loathing".

I have no idea what's going to happen this evening. I suspect by the time I go to bed, I still won't know the final tallies. Some sites are saying it could take a week until the final numbers are known for Texas. The way this race is being conducted makes me wonder if the Democrats who came up with this way of doing things are alcoholics, drug users, mentally crippled or some combination of the three. But I just need it to be over now. I'm burnt out.

And I think America is starting to reach that point as well. I've been cheering for Obama in this race. And I hope he wins this evening. But I think even people who were cheering for Clinton to win might be at that point now. The idea that this drama could continue for weeks and months will fray and destroy the nerves of even the most casual political observer. So unless Clinton pulls off some massive surge and takes three of the four states up for grabs this evening by surprising margins, I hope she throws in the towel by the end of the week. Read the landscape, see that it's not good to continue and call it a day. The math is not supporting you.

Or at least I hope that's what happens. Otherwise I'm going to have to check myself into a clinic and get help for excessive political blog reading.

Oh, and in a partially related note, I like this blog post from Andrew Sullivan. He was considering allowing comments on his blog, but decided to let readers vote on it. And by a 60-40 margin, they decided against it. There's some good reasons there as to why there should be no comments. Having read my share of political blogs and news stories in the past few months, I voted to not put up comments. I like the idea of a well-informed, articulate man presenting his opinions and willing to put the opinions of others up on his blog, whether they agree with him or not, as long as they are intelligent and well-reasoned.

I've read too much lately where the comments section is a minefield of trash and partisan sniping. Sullivan has his biases, but he's pretty fair. And I think he made the right call. So did his readers.

Oh, and no, there is no big curling news today. See, I told you it would get delayed again.

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Karin said...

Wish I would have kept the emails from you saying (months ago) that Obama didn't stand a chance. ;-)

Super Happy Jen said...

I don't get it. Obama and Clinton are both democrats, so they should be friends. Why can't everybody be friends?

BTW: I am sad to hear that I can't buy a house in Nunavut for 6 bucks and change, but it's a bit of a long commute to my husband's work anyway (and, alas, his office doesn't have the space to land a private jet)