Saturday, March 08, 2008

Monday, apparently

I've been told the Big Curling News will be announced on Monday. I really hope so because if I announce that I have "Big Curling News" one more time and then have to backtrack and say that, in fact, the news has been delayed again I'm just going to give up on the whole thing.

Still, it looks promising and I'll be very happy when it's finally announced.

Right now I'm spending a quiet Saturday night relaxing, flipping back and forth between Road to Perdition and watching Brad Gushue predictably get his ass kicked by Glen Howard at the Brier. Oh, and being the hard core boozer that I am, drinking chocolate mint flavoured Bailiey's. All in all, not a bad was to spend a Saturday evening. I think I shall get back to it.

Last Five
1. Monsters - Band of Horses
2. Hot knives - Bright Eyes
3. I wanna be loved - Elvis Costello
4. When I'm up (live) - Great Big Sea
5. Jesus was an only son - Bruce Springsteen*

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