Friday, February 29, 2008


1. The big curling news will be announced on Tuesday. Unless it isn’t. But right now, it looks promising.

2. This article just goes to show one more reason why Gordon Pinsent is a national treasure. But they couldn’t get him a seat at the Oscars? Are you kidding me?

3. We are now the proud owners of a new queen sized bed. After spending most of the last three years on a standard GN double, Cathy decided that enough was enough. The bed was small enough that if one of us was sick or tossing and turning for some reason, one of us would end up sleeping on the couch. That someone was normally Cathy as she fits on a couch better.

However, there was still some small adventure with the beds. NorthMart delivered it, but the housing people couldn’t pick up the old bed the same day, leaving us with two beds for an evening. The next morning, around 9:30, the movers from housing showed up. They knocked once and then just came right on in. Fortunately, Cathy was up and dressed. Still. A little more advanced warning would be nice. Or, you know, waiting for someone to open the door for you is also good.

The bedroom actually looks bigger, but I imagine that’s a combination of losing one piece of furniture and the magic of Cathy’s organizational abilities.

4. I have successfully purchased a ticket to see the New York Yankees play the Boston Red Sox on April 16. It’s in BX 602, which if you go here you will see is in the upper tier behind home plate. I’m pretty happy with that, and that I was able to get a ticket for what is always one of the big tickets series. I’m looking forward to that game. Actually, most of the New York trip is getting filled out quickly. I still have decided what museum to visit though – the MET, MOMA or the Hayden Planetarium. Any suggestions?

5. Talking about comics, here are my two favourite silly things comic book related today. The New York Comic Con will be offering up a few “show exclusive” items. Go here for the updated list. But there’s something about the Limited Edition Ghost of Obi-wan Kenobi bobble head doll that’s vastly amusing to me. Somewhere, the Ghost of Sir Alec Guinness is screaming and screaming.

6. And meanwhile, over on Mike Sterling’s Progressive Ruin has gone through Diamond’s Preview Catalog. If it’s weird and even vaguely related to comic books and pop culture, Diamond lists it in this small monthly bible. Mike’s managed to find thing that even he considers bizarre. I have to say, the Sweeney Todd shaving kit set is my personal favourite, although owning an Operation Hulk! board game is also pretty tempting.

7. Finally, we got our copy of one of our favourite magazines today, Mental Floss. If you’re at all a fan of fun trivia, then you should be picking up this magazine. They also have my favourite leap year story. Three siblings, each born on successive February 29ths. Too bizarre…

Last Five
1. Turn this car around - Tom Petty
2. My music at work - The Tragically Hip*
3. Set the fire to the third bar - Snow Patrol
4. Crumbs from your table - U2
5. When the deal goes down - Bob Dylan


Clare said...

If it was me going to New York I'd be going to the American Museum of Natural History, which would probably be at the top of my want list for any museum in the USA.

Aida said...

i am so glad when we move here, we brought our queen size one of those tempur pedic bed!

colette said...

My guess on the curling news: you're turning pro.

And as for museums: the Cloisters would be my first choice.

Clare said...

I still say the curling news is Nunavut is sending a team to the Briar. Do I win anything if I'm right?

towniebastard said...

Clare, if I announce that Nunavut is sending a team to the Brier next year, you will absolutely win a prize.

As for turning pro, well, no. Although the CCA might send up some coaches in the fall and I wouldn't mind going to a clinic to get a coaching certificate.

Kate Nova said...

If movers barged in my house without knocking, I would chase them around with a broom.

towniebastard said...

Considering the number of homes with multiple rifles, I'm amazed one of them hasn't been shot yet.