Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So let's see what I can dream up this evening...

There was a story a week back talking about how arctic sea ice is expanding this winter as opposed to melting this winter. And given that I can probably count on one hand the number of days since December when it's been warmer than -25 without windchill, that doesn't really come as a surprise.

But it's easy to say it's cold all the time, but here's a couple of things to put it in perspective. First, when I came home from curling last night I had my hands full and apparently I was distracted. That's why I made the cardinal sin of not plugging in the car last night. Now, the car can go unplugged for period's of time with no ill-effect. And this is a new battery, so you would figure it has some zip still in it.

So the answer to the question on how long a battery can last in cold that's around -45 with windchill without being plugged in is: >2.5 hours, but <11 hours. Which is a fairly wide range, but still kind of disappointing. Although not as disappointing as when Cathy tried to use the remote starter this morning and the car didn't work. Or as despairing when I had the sudden flash upon her telling me the car wasn't starting that I may not have remembered to plug it in last night.

No real harm done. I was able to get someone from work to give me a boost, the car is working fine and she's plugged in.

The other bit to deal with the cold is the lunar eclipse happening this evening. When we were driving home at 5, we could see a very brilliant full moon just creeping over the top of one of the hills. That on its own is fairly beautiful and I imagine watching an eclipse turning it blood red or orange would be lovely. I even briefly thought about dragging out my camera, setting it up and getting some shots.

Until I checked the temperature, which currently stands at -46 with windchill. And you know, that's a bit too cold for me to be standing around waiting for the moon to change colours. I rather doubt the camera or the battery that powers it would last all the long either. We'll see. It's 8:20 as I type this. I might change my mind, but I don't see myself standing out there for 20 minutes snapping photos.

If there are photos up on the blog later this evening or tomorrow, then you know I braved it. And that I probably have frostbite.

Oh, and there is one other consequence of the cold - I think it's now been more than two weeks since Boo has been outside. We feel bad, but we've always said -30 is the absolute limit of what we'll take him out in. We'd sooner have him go a little crazy from being cooped up inside for too long rather than seeing what frostbite looks like on a dog.

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