Monday, February 04, 2008


So, after a longish wait, mostly because of the weather, we finally got our big Chapters order today. And what does about $200 in Chapters gift certificates get you? Well, a coffee table full of amusement, that's what. Oh, and one of the reasons it might have been delayed was that the box was beaten to shit. Canada Post thoughtfully put the taped remains of the box in a baggy and gave it to me. Miraculously, none of the books were damaged.

And no, the dog isn't part of the Chapters order. His Fluffiness decided to swing by and see what I was up to standing up on the couch.

Anyway, that's a fairly large order, even by my standards. And it's going to have to hold me for a bit. First of all, I'm going to have to adjust the bookshelves to find room for all the extra books. And secondly, I have to start budgeting money for the New York trip, which as you can tell from the new widget on the side, is a mere 73 days away. And really, if you're going to a comic book convention, budget in spending a healthy chunk of money.

Besides, that's a good deal of geeky goodness right there on that table. It ought to keep me occupied for awhile. Plus, I still have a bookshelf and a bit of more geekiness to tide me through the long winter. Not to mention Wii games I haven't even gotten around to playing yet.

So much geek, so little time.

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, I found something I want online. This is to add to the magical list of things I want to have when space and money are no longer an issue and I've done suitable amounts of good charitable works to not feel like scum for wasting lots of money on silly things.

It's this.

I found it on Boing Boing and this is the site for the company that sells them. You have to call to inquiry about the price, always a sure sign that if you have to ask, odds are you can't afford it. Plus, as commenters on the thread point out, trying to clean it would likely be a bitch. Not to mention I'm not sure how you would oxygenate the water. That's apparently important if you want the fish to live more than a few hours.

Still, that is one seriously snazzy aquarium.

I like the idea of have a fish tank. They're not the most interactive of pets, but I find a nice aquarium very relaxing. It's a lot of work and I would need to beef up on my knowledge. I couldn't keep betta fish alive about 10 years ago. But a good aquarium is something I wouldn't mind having one of these days.

It's just not practical up here. trying to get the fish up would be a severe nuisance. I've been on First Air flights with kids sitting in seats with little plastic bags filled water and a deeply disturbed goldfish on their laps. That's a hard way to get a fish to Nunavut.

So yeah, we'll wait until whenever we head south to get some fish. And probably a normal aquarium. Oh well...

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