Sunday, February 10, 2008


I've been watching the Grammies on and off all night. And it feels more like I'm watching the Grammies from the 80s. Morris Day and the Time? Really?

Having said that, watching Tina Turner and Beyonce do "Proud Mary" together was one of those sit up on the couch and say "holy fuck" a lot. I just checked Wikipedia. She turned 68. She not only looks amazing, but her voice is still incredible. We should all be so lucky to look as good as she does at that age.

Hmmm, that reminds me, I don't actually have any Tina Turner on my iPod. I might have to go and remedy that problem in the next couple of days.

Hopefully something more interesting to say tomorrow. The weekend of sloth apparently has dimmed the creative juices.

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Kate Nova said...

They were amazing! Beyonce obviously spent a lotta time growing up, singing along with Turner with a hairbrush-microphone. Aretha Franklin sounded amazing, Amy Winehouse too. I think Feist's performance seemed a little nervous though.