Friday, February 08, 2008


I think we're aiming for a low-key weekend at the chateau. Cathy's had a fairly....draining week. And while I haven't had as tiring a week, it's had a few moments. So I suspect it's a return of the weekend of Sloth. Which means I will be doing nothing more energetic than playing some Wii or a game of Civilizations.

Actually, the one thing I need to do is start going through my iPod. As Cathy has pointed out every time something she hates comes on the iPod (which happens quite a bit given our divergent musical tastes) there is quite a bit of "debris" there right now. And she's right. I have Christmas music that needs to go. I think most of the Badly Drawn Boy I have is getting the heave-ho. I still have entirely too much Tori Amos. And as much as I might like to believe otherwise, I do have to accept the sad reality that not everything Tom Waits records is really worth keeping.

Plus there are lots of other songs and albums that need to go. So that will likely take a few hours during the weekend. However, since there is stuff going, I'll likely add a few new things. The short list includes new ones from Magnetic Fields, The Raveonettes, Bob Mould, Hawksley Workman and Sia.

However, I am happy to announce that I have a new favourite pop song. Favourite pop songs don't work for me the way they used to. I'd hear something on the radio, really like it and listen to it whenever it came on, or pop the CD on. But with the iPod, I tend to listen to things on shuffle. That means it can take weeks or months for even a new song to catch my attention. But for the last few months it's been "Bank Job" by Barenaked Ladies. It's not an epic or earth-shattering song. But it is a clever and amusing little pop song. And you know, they're hard enough to find that you ought to appreciate them when that happens.

This isn't really a video for the song. It's one of the guys singing, um, well, in the bathroom.

But the new favourite pop song is by The Weakerthans and it's called "Tournament of Hearts." And man, any band that can combine a song about a weekend curling bonspiel and a messed up and failing relationship earns my respect. And it rocks. The Weakerthans are one of the bands that I'm embarrassed to have not discovered them earlier than last year.

This is a clever and catchy song. And again, there is no video (and boy, is this an obvious song for a video. And with the actual Tournament of Hearts coming up in a week or two, it's a good time to release one), but there is this clip, where you can just listen to the song.

So a weekend of music and the odd video game. Oh, and Cathy has just reminded me, I also have to keep her from going insane. Which will require a bit of work. But still, a relaxing weekend in the offing.

Last Five
1. Was it just another love affair - Eurythmics
2. D is for Dangerous - The Arctic Monkeys
3. I Palindrome I - They Might Be Giants
4. Cold, cold ground - Tom Waits
5. Offend in every way - The WHite Stripes


Clare said...

Oh Thanks! More music to buy now. I see on the Weakerthans web site that they just finished make the video for Tournament of Hearts (Jan 30 news)

Noona said...

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Maruad said... has a video of TheWeakerthans explaing curling to Americans. Tournatment of Hearts plays in the abckground.

I originally found this link through

Hope this is of interest.

p.s. I never heard of this band till recently either but they are my current favourite.