Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back on station

With the writers strike just about over, shows are gearing up to return. I thought most of the shows would be a write-off for the rest of this season, but no, some of them are going to be coming back. For the complete list of what is likely to come back over the next couple of months, try this TV Guide list.

It'll be interesting to see how much damage this strike will do to the TV programming. There's not many shows on that list that I watch on a regular basis. I watch House, Chuck, Pushing Daisies, Bones and The Amazing Race on a regular basis. CSI and Numbers every now and then. And after that, not so much.

I suspect I'm probably not alone, and the strike has cost the networks and shows a lot of viewers. It's never a good idea to remind people that they can do just fine without watching TV shows.

Out of the shows I regularly watch, only House is coming back before the end of May. And probably only four episodes. Which kind of sucks as House has been really good this year. They're holding back Chuck and Pushing Daisies and relaunching them in September. And I don't know when the the next Amazing Race will air.

So really, we won't be watching much in the way of regular TV shows until September. I think we'll be just fine. We've survived so far quite easily. And I suspect we're not the only ones.

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