Friday, February 03, 2006

Well howdy...

I guess my complaint about not enough people paying attention to the MUN issue got a bit of attention. The number of people visiting my blog today is a record and is at least double, pushing triple, the average number of people who swing by.

Not that I get massive amounts of traffic. I'm fairly pragmatic about the fact that some blogs, such as Damian Penny's probably get as many hits in an hour as I get in a week. Still, like any writer, it's nice to know that people are reading. So to all the new people who swung by today to see what I was talking about, thank you. Also thanks to Sure b'y and Nancy for the links.

And an especially warm greetting to all of those people from MUN's University Relations who popped by. And my goodness, there were an awful lot of you who came by today. So allow me a moment to wave and say hi to Ivan, David and everyone else at MUN's PR wing. I'm guessing you've had better weeks.

Sticking with MUN, this is their response to the Chandra story. As you might expect, I have my beefs with it. But I want to do a thorough job in the response and I just don't have time this evening. Quality time with Cathy on the couch with a movie awaits.

I will say, however, that my favourite part of that page has been removed. On the left hand side you might notice something called "Snapshot". The photo underneath is a guy running during the recent blizzard towards a building. The caption now reads "Campus closure."

This afternoon, it read "Running for cover." Which I guess is something you don't want on a page where you justify your decision to let academic fraud go unpunished. Someone must have caught it. Pity.

One more thing, in my previous post I was talking about the professor who died last November and the student who was harassing her. In retrospect, I shouldn't have really commented on it because I didn't know enough about the situation, only what I heard in passing. So whatever MUN's sins, that one shouldn't be counted among them. So I apologize for that.

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Jason Bartlett said...

Kudos, Craig on this continuing cover rage and linking the counter points.

Epp on the other had for the link to that other blog, which had the infamous cartoons, that caused a heart palpatation for me and I'm in my own home. I suspect that might be your next topic on journalism and free press if you are feeling international.

towniebastard said...

Sorry about that, Jason. Considering I know people from Qatar check out this blog, I should have been more aware of the content to Damian's site. I don't know how closely they monitor web traffic in that part of the world, but I hope you don't get in trouble for it.