Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I really wasn't going to post this image (don't ask where I got it) because, well, family could be reading this blog and I have to give the appearance of being presentable. Or, you know, at least not a total freak.

But then Nancy posted the image of the tampered polish ham and then it became something I simply couldn't ignore. Clearly I needed to post this:

I'm not entirely certain what it is. Some kind of bread or pastry, I believe. Certainly something you are suppose to, er, eat.

If you're related to me, by either blood or marriage, I'm terribly sorry. Feel free to disown me...

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the image I used was just for dramatic effect. It's not related to the story at all.

This is why I am not a respected journalist.

dups said...

I disown you Craig. Heck I'd disown you for any reason.... Begone!