Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fine, no more curling... can actually see the near freefall drop in my site visits the past few days as I've spent more time talking about curling. I even give you a link to see naked curlers (well, a story about a naked curler calender). So fine, you miserable bastards, I can take a hint. I thought patriotic Newfoundlanders would be supportive of Newfoundlanders curling in the Olympics, but noooooo......

(By the way, that was sarcasm, for those with an inability to recognize it)

Instead, I present some random links.

1. My favourite story of the day. Whitehorse might have to import snow to make sure mushers in a sled dog race have something to slide on when they finish the race. Global warming? What is this global warming you speak of?

2. Second favourite story? The aggrivating Scottish bastard who does those annoying Keith's beer commericals has been arrested and charged with possession of child pornography.

Yes, child pornography is a hard thing to try and find humour in. And certainly I should not be gleeful over the entire situation. But you have to understand the depths of my joy that I will never again have to see that annoying Keith's beer commerical.

3. This is only really for comic book die hards, but I enjoy this column by Paul Jenkins for one reason in particular. You've heard of the term a murder of crows or a pride of lions. Until now, I had never wondered what a group of editors would be called. But Jenkins has it figured out.

It's a "Lynch Mob of Editors." Oh yes...

4. Nancy got the link from Boing Boing or somewhere, but I saw it on her site first and laughed out loud. It's good enough to be on John Stewart. It's Ten Ways Dick Cheney Can Kill You.

5. Finally, I will be on CBC Freestyle tomorrow. Alas, I will be on in the last half hour, so odds are you're not going to hear me in Newfoundland. It's also a one time thing. There was the possibility of it being a regular thing, but apparently too many shows do DVD/movie reviews as it is, so they're going to do something different.

Ah well. Enjoy me while you can...

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Brian said...

Labbat may have caned the weird one but that aggravating add was aired yesterday afternoon, aaarrrrhhhhh.

The Sheu sure is exciting to watch, no hesitation in trying the hard shots, but it is very heavy on the nerves. Maybe in next matches he will play more conservatively, and still win.

Jason Bartlett said...

Once I'm out of the country, I'm a loyal Canadian, but even then its curling not soldiers at war.:)

I actually liked the beer ads, but well now not so much do to the porn charge.

Have you read the other columns by him, the lamze class one is hilarious.

towniebastard said...

The adds are gone now, or should be. There was a story in the Globe today about how they're pulling them.

And yes, Jason, I've read Jenkins other columns. He's pretty damn funny. In fact, he's better there than in some of the comics I've seen him write recently...