Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I swear to God, I am working on the Iqaluit FAQ and my response to MUN's defence of their actions when it comes to Dr. Chandra. It's just that sex scandals, big airplanes, cowardly Liberals and other things keep distracting me. Hopefully MUN tomorrow and the FAQ by the weekend, unless something else weird and intriguing pops up.

On a personal note, for those of you wondering what I sound like, you can get your chance on Friday. Through truly bizarre and cool circumstances, a producer with the CBC Radio national program Freestyle contacted me a week or so ago. They heard I used to do review movies with The Express and thought the idea of a movie buff being in Iqaluit and looking for ways to satisfy his jones was intriguing.

So I'll be on the air this Friday and chatting for about 10 minutes about what it's like trying to watch movies in the North and doing a review of a recent DVD release, in this case, Lord of War. This has the potential, if everything goes well, of being a semi-regular thing.

So, by all means, feel free to contact Freestyle, and tell them that you loved my voice, thought my chemistry with Kelly and Cameron was amazing and that was very intelligent and witty. In fact, demand that I return often.

There is a risk, I might add, that people in Newfoundland won't hear me. I don't know right now when I'll be on air. The show runs from 2:30 to 4 p.m. in Newfoundland. They don't air the last 30 minutes of Freestyle. So if I'm in the last half hour, well, unless you want to listen to me online, you're out of luck. But here's hoping that doesn't happen.

Then again, it's not like I can listen to me. The show doesn't air in Iqaluit. They play Inuit programming during the afternoon's here instead. Ah well...

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Sure b'y said...

I totally dislike Freestyle but I'll be listening for ya.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you. Reviewing movies.

I can't listen. (I'm at work then.)

Corey Tomsons said...

The design of the Freestyle web site is fairly representative of their program. Fluffy, without much in the way of content. The show itself is chatty, like Sheila Rogers on a bad day, and I confess the first couple of weeks I thought someone had forgotten to reprogram them after the strike; it has a 'half assed' (ahem) feel to it which reminds me of college radio gone pro...

I do, however, like their 'lead in' technique - they chat for a bit about a topic, and then pop right into an interview about it. That sort of faux-spontaneity surprises me every time. Yay, cognitive dissonance.

Good luck with the show. Its sort of weird, though.

First, you don't even have the show broadcast in your area. (Though people might catch it online). Second, how do you review movies when they don't arrive opening weekend in Iqaluit?

Maybe you can score a ride on the big airplane to review the in-flight movie? :)

towniebastard said...

I have been pretty lucky when it comes to reviewing movies. When I saw Siskel and Ebert on tv as a kid, I thought it was a great job - watch movies all day and argue about them. It's harder than that, of course, but I never thought I would get the chance to do it.

But I have. I did it for a few years with the Muse and the past two years with The Express. And now I get to do this on, hopefully, a regular basis. It is cool and I'm greatful to get the chance.

As for reviewing new movies, that was one of my fears as well, Corey. When they left a message and asked if I was interested, I figured once they knew I can't see new releases the weekend they open on a regular basis that would be it.

But they're very understanding of that. They want me to talk about movie trends and throw in a new release DVD review, which is easy enough to do.

As for trends, well, I've got something on whether or not King Kong is a flop, as some are arguing. I can talk about the Academy Awards and I'm working on something for when V For Vendetta opens.

So it'll be fun. If this episode works, of course.