Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy belated birthday (to me...)

Cathy has been mortified for the better part of the last month over my birthday gift. She knew I wanted pretty much only one thing, The Complete Calvin and Hobbes. I've been saying it ever since I first heard about the book, more than a year ago.

She thought she had ordered it in plenty of time, but alas, there were difficulties. Both Chapters and Amazon actually ran out of copies of the book in early January. That meant she had to deal with Amazon Marketplace. And as she has sadly learned, there can be problems when you're going through a dealer at the marketplace, as opposed to going through Amazon itself. Not the least of which was that a book that Amazon might have gotten here in a week or so, took more than a month.

She's been kind of upset and disgusted about this (several angry e-mails have already been fired off) and I haven't the heart to tease her. And I really don't mind; these things happen. They did to me at Christmas. But anyway, today was the happy day. It came!

I've only just started to go through it, but it's very fun. And heavy. The set is about 20 pounds. I loved the strip and this is just about perfect. One day it will take its place side by side with my Complete Far Side, but that will have to wait until I pull that book out of storage.

So if my blogging becomes slack over the next week or so, blame Calvin.

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