Sunday, February 05, 2006

Ad recap

One more good reason to be living in the North - I got to watch the Super Bowl and actually watch the American ads. Which was good, because the game itself was kind of dull and immensely frustrating seeing as how I was rooting for the Seahawks.

I have said this before and I will say it again; I have for years wanted to smack the crap out of someone with NTV over the Super Bowl. The station carries maybe three NFL games all year, including the Super Bowl. They then run their ads during the game. Which would be annoying enough, except they tend to show the same five or six damn ads all game. I remember one year I swore I would never by a car from Tom Woodford just because NTV kept showing the same bloody ad all game. At least a 20 times, if not more.

And the kicker? There was a story a year or two ago on how much Super Bowl ads go for. Obviously for the U.S. network carrying the game, it's a couple of million for 30 seconds. In most of Canada, it was still a hundred thousand or more to show an ad during the game.

NTV was selling them for something like $1,000, the cheapest in North America. Gits.

Look, the game is normally crap. At least give us the small pleasure of a few entertaining ads.

So what were the best ones, for those of you who missed out. Definitely watch for the MacGuyver/Mastercard ad, which is a classic. And Bud Light hit four solid ones: hidding BL in the office, the guys worshipping the magic fridge, the guys repairing the roof and the guy stealing a BL and leaving his buddy to be mauled by a bear.

Worst ones: The Diet Pepsi ones fell flat (pardon the pun). And the one for Hummer was just fucking weird.

Oh, and you know what, I appreciate it was an ad for a hybrid vehicle, but it was for a hybrid SUV and maybe, just maybe, I don't want to see Kermit the Frog being used to sell hybrid SUVs. That's just wrong.

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