Sunday, February 26, 2006

Check the ice...

There was a big deal made of the "Luck Loonie" in the 2002 Winter Olympics which supposedly helped Canada win at both men's and women's hockey. I think there is even a display set up for it at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Now, if I was the organizers of the 2006 games, I wouldn't be letting those bastard Canadians anywhere near the ice. Because you had to know that if it worked in 2002, they were going to try it again in 2006. So I saw the story where they were digging out a few "lucky trinkets" from the ice at the long-track speedskating course. And hey, guess what? They won what, six medals at the course. And guess who helped make the speed skating ice in Italy? Canadians.

And while I can't find it online anywhere, I'm pretty sure I heard that there was a loonie or a toonie buried in the ice at the curling event. Canada wins gold with the men; bronze with the women (and who knows what would have happened if they made it to the gold medal game). Lo and behold, there was a Canadian in the arena to help create and fix the ice.

Whether or not there was anything buried at the hockey arenas I do not know. I haven't heard anyone fess up to it and while the women did great, the men stank up the joint. So even if there was something there, perhaps they would not admit it. Then again, after 2002, maybe they just didn't let Canadians near the ice making equipment. Or there was extra security to make sure there were no surprises at centre ice.

Too bad they forgot about the other ice events. And it's not like they can do anything to prevent it in 2010; the damn thing is being held in Canada. Bastard Canadians are going to have so much spare change buried in the ice at the different events in Vancouver the other countries are going to want to bring metal detectors out on the ice with them first.

I'd check the skiing events too, just for good measure:

Oh, the last things on Olympic curling, I swear:

Best lede in a story, from the Calgary Sun referring to the six ender: Scored the touchdown. Missed the convert.

Best quote for Newfoundland: "Listen, the last time they closed the high schools for a person was when the Pope came. So today, Brad Gushue is up there with the Pope." - Jason Crowley in the Toronto Star.

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colette said...

CBC interviewed the Canadian in charge of the ice for the hockey games both at the last Olympics (where he was the assistant icemaker) and this year's. He's been promoted to head icemaker and now feels that he can't show any favoritism. He was also one of the first people to point out that burying the "lucky coin" once is a memorable/"isn't-that-cool" event. After that, the gesture loses its impact and just starts to look pathetic. So, no coin in the hockey ice if he had anything to say about it--at least no Canadian coinage. You might want to ask the Swedes though.