Monday, February 13, 2006

One down, eight to go...

To say there has been a bit of a lead-up to the Winter Olympics in the Welsh household would be an understatement. Of the two Olympics, I do tend to like the winter ones better. They feel…cozier. The Summer Olympics are this big sprawling mess of a thing. The Winter Olympics are smaller. Cathy is also completely over the moon for the Olympics. If she could take the next two weeks off and stay home and do nothing but watching the games, she would.

I also like the winter games because you tend to get crazier sports, like skeleton. It’s like a cry for attention or something. I mean, some of the sleds they’re racing down hill are insane. And with sports such as luge, speed skating and downhill skiing, you’ve got to be pretty secure in your masculinity, or femininity, to wear some of those outfits.

Thank Christ they don’t have to wear them in curling. Can you just imagine Russ Howard in one of those things? Gahhhh…

Speaking of curling, and thanking Christ, Canada won its first game in men’s curling today. I didn't see it, being stuck at work, but I did peak in on the score from time to time.

To be honest, it doesn’t look like they did that great. They gave up a steal of two in the first end. Third Mark Nichols curled a horrific 54%. And even Gushue curled (at 81%) beneath what he has to. Still, it was the first game and I’m sure nerves were in play. And they did come back and win the game.

Then again, they did get the gift of the German skip shooting 50%. As I said, I didn’t see the game so I don’t know if he was shooting bad because Gushue was constantly putting pressure on him, or if he was just plain bad. But Gushue is going to have to step it up because really, at this level, not too many people are going to shoot that bad again.

I am cheering for him for any number of reasons. I do love curling. It is one of the few sports in which I profess any skill. Gushue is a Newfoundlander and if he wins gold, well, I can’t think of anything bigger in Newfoundland sports history. Plus, in the weeks leading up to the Olympics, a lot of curling commentators, especially from out west, were making snarky comments about the odds of him winning.

Even NBC noticed it and mention it in their curling coverage. So yes, Gushue winning and getting to rub it in the nose of curling snobs out west would be lovely icing on the cake.

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VickyTH said...

One of the few consolations of working at home (and believe me, there are only a very select few) is that I can turn the Olympics on and leave them on for the duration. Bliss!
I even read up on curling, a bit. I now know next to nothing about it, rather than less than nothing... Nothing like the Olympics for inspiring armchair self-improvement!

Anonymous said...

One of the great things about sports is the arguements and debates that follow great games, plays, and so on.
A gold for the Gushue team would be great, but if i had to vote for a great moment in Newfoundland sports history it would be John Slaney's game winning goal at the Juniors in Saskatoon.
That, was exciting.
Most curling games just give me the ZZZZZZ .

can’t think of anything bigger in Newfoundland sports history.

towniebastard said...

I'll disagree for two reasons, and we'll ignore our preferences for sport. I like curling more than hockey. And while hockey is more popular, curling is still huge in Canada.

1. The Winter Olympics are a much, much, much bigger event than the World Junior Hockey Tournament.

2. Slaney did score the winning goal, but he was part of a team that was, with the exception of him, not Newfounlanders. He played a role, and since he scored the winning goal, a big one. But he didn't do it all by himself.

If this team wins gold, it will be a mostly Newfoundland team (with the exception of Howard). It's four Newfoundlanders, who had to beat the best of the best of Canadian curling to even make the Olympics. They then had to beat the best in the world.

It's a much bigger, more significant and historic accomplishment. If he can pull it off. They would be the first Newfoundland athletes to win a gold medal. It's a huge deal.