Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Getting your rocks off...

Never let it be said that my friends aren't quick to jump into this new fangled Internet fad of blogging. Two more of them in the past two weeks have decided that blogging might be fun. So drop by and see Owen's mom and Mireille. Owen's mom is entertaining because I'm enjoying watching this particular friend wonder exactly how the hell she managed to end up in rural Alberta, married and with a kid.

Mireille is just getting started, but I'm sure it will be entertaining because lord knows Mireille is when she gets on a role. And hey, she's promising nudity, albeit tasteful nudity. She's wondering if I'm gearing up to write a book about naked curlers. Maybe I ought to. Judging by the amount of traffic coming through the site in the past few days, there is apparently a market for it.

Sadly, if you do a search using MSN's search engine and type in "nude curler" I'm third from the top. I feel I'm gypping the public out there looking for naked curler and instead finding my ramblings. So to make them happy and to make sure they don't feel their trip to this particular small part of the Internet has been a waste of time, I give you, a picture of a naked curler. Advert thine eyes of nudity and curling stones offend you.

And just to cover my bases, in case you were looking for porn with women wearing curlers, well, here you go.

Yes, apparently I have no shame when it comes to pandering for page hits.

And now that I've brought you new blogs to read and soft-core porn, I'm off to play Civilizations IV. Cathy is at a workshop this evening and she bought me the game for Valentine's Day. And since she bought the game for me knowing full well the devastating impact it can have on me, I feel I'm allowed to blow five of six hours on it this evening. Let ruling the world commence!

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Jason Bartlett said...

I can honestly say that's the only time I've looked twice at curling!

Part of that might have to do with the fact nudity is blocked where I am for the most part.

Anonymous said...

Hey Craig... Geoff Meeker here. Can you please drop me an email at gmeeker@nl.rogers.com? Hilarious stuff about the nude curlers, btw

Owen's Mom said...

Hey -

Thanks for the plug. Loved the entire post, particularly the nude with curlers. And i must say, the title was insipred.