Sunday, February 05, 2006

Happy critters

There is absolutely no need to put this picture of my friend Colette riding a camel on my blog, other than, really, how often do you get to put pictures of a friend riding a camel on a blog?

The photo is from her recent trip to the Middle East. To my knowledge, she had a good time, was treated well and no Canadian flags were burned in her wake. And she got to ride a camel. I'd call that a pretty successful trip.

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Jason Bartlett said...

honest to god it must be a woman thing, my wife loves camels too, everyone I look at just reenforces my idea that they are the most ugly group of creatures in the world. Unless they are a finely crafted wooden statue on my end table. Or boxes made from their bones, which are nice too.

Colette said...

Ah c'mon Jason--they have big brown eyes! The camels were in a good mood that day--no spitting. And it's a pretty comfortable ride too.

colette said...

Oh yes, and as someone has so helpfully mentioned already(hi Pat!)--yes, the smiles are similar.