Wednesday, February 01, 2006

That was brutal...

• Jesus Christ but MUN got brutalized on CBC over that Chandra report this evening. At least Chandra can flee to India and hide away. MUN is just going to have to sit there and take it. I mean, when the former editor of the British Medical Journal sits there and says that the university obvious cares more about its reputation than the truth and that people will now have to question everything that comes out of the university, you can't view that as anything other than a massive body blow.

What's the reaction been like on campus? Anyone?

• I've been writing a lot the last day or so, but it's still going to be a few more days before the Iqaluit FAQ is ready to go. Perhaps by this weekend. No surprise, it's proving to be longer than I anticipated.

• While Nancy was impressed with my ability to get Oscar picks, I think Newsweek managed to one up me pretty good. They interviewed the five people nominated in the best director category before the nominations were announced. Nice trick. The article is here. The article is a little too "oh, but your movie was wonderful too" but there are a few interesting bits.

The best was that Haggis (Crash) and Clooney (Good Night, and Good Luck) worked together on The Facts of Life. How weird is that?

• Oh, and one last thing. My good friend Sara has started blogging. Alas, I haven't seen her in about four years, but unless the pod people have gotten her, she still remains one of the smartest and nicest women (when not kicking me in the shins, a bad habit of many of the short women in my life) it's my pleasure to know.

She also cited myself and Dups as inspirations to start blogging. Generally speaking, myself and Dups normally inspire women to drink heavily, so it's nice to see we can do positive things as well. She's only getting started, but feel free to go and say nice things and encourage her to keep at it. She's a great writer.

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Anonymous said...

"They interviewed the five people nominated in the best director category before the nominations were announced. Nice trick."

I suspect they just interviewed all the directors who had a shot.

towniebastard said...

No, because it was a roundtable with the five guys, so they were interacting with each other. I mean, they could have had six or seven there and edited out the conversations with the directors they thought might get nominated but didn't (like Cronenberg), but I don't know...that feels like a weird thing to do

I'm also not sure if these men would have agreed to that, having comments edited out if someone wasn't nominated. I think they would view that as disrespectful.

I think they just took a shot, and happen to get it right. It's still fairly impressive