Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Curling bits...

1. In retrospect, considering how much I was sweating after curling this evening, going outside in -30 without putting my hood up might not have been the smartest think I could have done. Then again, we lost 11-2, giving up six in the last end, when my skip actually raised in one the opposing team's stone with her last rock. Not that I was shooting much better. I love curling, but it's day's like today that I want to take a stone and repeatedly smack my head against it.

2. Brad Gushue had a good day, beating two tough teams. He also did something I've never seen at that level of curling - he won a game without scoring more than a single point an end. I mean, I've seen games won 3-2, but never when the score was 7-5. It was a good rebound, so hopefully it can continue tomorrow against Norway. Stealing four consecutive ends is also pretty damn impressive.

3. Nude curlers. Not as grim as you might think.

4. I know I shouldn't be down on them, but I have really low expectations for both Heather Strong's chances at the Scott and Ken Peddigrew's at the Brier. Early prediction? Strong wins 4, Peddigrew wins 2. I hope I'm wrong, but I kind of doubt it.

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