Monday, November 30, 2009


So I'm back in Iqaluit. I suspect I could go on some more about the Dominion, and there is more I'd like to say, but other events have caught up to me. Perhaps once we get the pictures from the event - they had a photographer going around and each player is getting a jump drive filled with pictures and video - I'll talk a bit more about my impressions of the event.

However the other events is simply the house. Despite it being touch and go for awhile there, it seems we have a house. All the money seems to have switched hands, the lawyer has said everything looks fine. The insurance company wants one last bit of information about the fuel tank. And, most importantly, we have the keys to the house. It one last bit of weirdness, I arrived on a Canadian North flight into Iqaluit around 1 pm. I came and there was Cathy waiting for me with the keys. The couple we bought the house from has just went through security and were on the flight down south on the same airline.

While I was enjoying myself in Toronto Cathy has been working like a dog to get the apartment packed up. There's still stuff left that hasn't found a box or a bag, but all the heavy stuff is ready to go. The movers show up on Tuesday around 1 pm and start moving it to the house. We have to get a steam cleaner tomorrow to do the carpets at the new house (the previous owners had hired someone to do it, but didn't show. However, she left us money to cover it). All the utilities have been transferred over, we've bought a receiver for the satellite dish, and, and and...

And there's a lot. I honestly don't know how Cathy got it all done while I was away. Between work and being sick, she did so much of the work that when I hit the apartment there was little left for me to do. And that list got smaller when talking to the building maintenance man who said not to worry about cleaning the walls or doing the carpets...they have to paint the walls anyway.

Anyway, now that I'm back in town and not going crazy in Toronto, hopefully blogging will resume a regular schedule. That's assuming NorthWest Tel actually transfers phone and internet to the new place tomorrow like they're supposed to. I should take bets on that happening.

And now, if you will excuse me, I'm going to get a shower and then go to bed. I doubt I've had more than four uninterrupted hours of sleep in more than a week. Hopefully I'll get a nice, solid eight hours this evening.

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