Monday, November 16, 2009

Crazy train

So I've been kind of waiting for this to happen. Ever since I got back from Australia in August, things have been kind of....laid back. It's not that I haven't tried to keep myself busy, what with job hunting, doing some writing, keeping on top of things in the apartment and whatnot. However, things haven't been really crazy.

But I've been waiting for it. Lo and behold, I think it's coming. Because I see lights at the end of the tunnel and I suspect it's a big old train coming to shake things up.

First of all, we still have house things to deal with. My friend Mireille asked for an update and I guess the update is not much is happening. That, in and of itself, is bad. We dropped the lawyer a line on Friday asking what was happening. They were wrapping up the paperwork and are sending it off this week to the appropriate registries and whatnot in Iqaluit.

After that then it is "in the hands of the appropriate people in Iqaluit." Surely God, those are some of the most terrifying words you can possibly here if you are an Iqaluitmuit. Right now, we're not optimistic of all this getting cleared up by December 1. If it doesn't close in time we could move into the house anyway and pay the current owners "rent" until the deal closes. We'll have to deal with some of that this week.

However, the packing continues apace. Dear God we have a lot of books.

Next up is the Dominion, which means I head down to Toronto on Saturday. Now that's going to be the good, crazy kind of fun. But it will be busy for the week I'm down there between curling, catching up with a few friends and trying to do some Christmas shopping.

I get back and then, theoretically, move into a new house.

On top of that I've accepted a freelance gig with a deadline of around December 5. That means seeing if my journalism writing muscles have completely rotted away over the past four years or if there is something left in there. Here's hoping...

Oh, did I mention the job interview I have this week? I'd really like this one, it sounds like it would be fun.

So yeah, I knew after several months of relative ease that the freight train would come rumbling down the tracks. It just seems to be a bit bigger than I'd anticipated.

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Way Way Up said...

Good luck with the packing. It took Lisa and I seemingly forever just to pack up the basement for our move this past summer.