Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ah, Mississauga

I am now in scenic Mississauga....Land of Dreams as I believe I mockingly called it last night on Facebook after arriving. Although I guess I shouldn't mock too much. I just looked out the window and it's sunny. Current temperature is 6C (note the lack of a minus sign in front of the six) getting up to a high of 10C. So sure, I'll take a burst of that.

Today's plan is to head downtown, catch up with a couple of old student newspaper friends - one of whom I'm sure I haven't seen in 15 years - do some twacking around, hit the Apple store and go to The Beguiling, where I was relive my university Drool at all the stuff I want and not buy very much of it because we're kind of broke right now.

I've been trying to figure out when was the last time I was in Toronto and it finally hit me....about 5.5 years ago. When Cathy and I met here on Easter break and then headed down to the Dominican Republic. She was teaching in Rankin that year and the trip to the Dominican was a "I need to see my fiance/get out of Rankin/early honeymoon" sort of trip. But we did have a day to kill while waiting for our charter. So even though we were staying out by the airport, we managed to stumble our way downtown for a few hours. Where, because it was Easter weekend, everything was closed.

So I really have no idea how to get around here. I asked the front desk last night how to get to Queen Street West and Spandina using public transit. He essentially advised me to go out on the street and bug random passing buss drivers until they told me how to do it.

Brilliant. God, I really miss the concierge desks at the hotels in Australia. They were incredibly useful. Then again, this is a Best Western. I should be happy the bed is comfortable and the internet working.

And now I'm off to test to see how the shower holds up. More later on my wacky travels and adventures in the Big City.

Last Five
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5. O Valencia! - The Decemberists


SRD said...

When we drove from Detroit to Toronto airport this summer, our 2 year old was very taken with the idea that we were going to Mississauga, but when we got there, she was very disapointed not to meet 'Mrs Sauga'....Enjoy!

The Perfect Storm said...

Welcome to paradise.

We imported the weather just to make you feel comfy.

In truth, it's been a little like this the last few years. Hats off to global warming!