Wednesday, November 18, 2009

House keeping

So, first things first. We're looking for someone in Iqaluit to do a spot of house sitting/dog sitting for us over the Christmas holidays. We had someone lined up to do it, but she bowed out today. You get to stay in our brand new house and take care of the world's cutest dog. And honestly, wouldn't you want to spend a couple of weeks playing with this little guy?

If you live in Iqaluit (we're not flying you up) or know someone in Iqaluit who might be interested, please drop me a line.

Let's see what else we have today. A couple of big stories, but from different parts of Canada. There's this one, with G7 finance minister coming to Iqaluit in February. Apparently there was interest by the ministers during the last meeting to see some of Canada's north. Not entirely they knew what they're asking for when they made that suggestion. It is a touch brisk at that time of the year.

Although as one friend pointed out, coming up here does kind of diminish the likelihood of anarchists and protesters coming here to disrupt things. Although I think it would be vastly amusing to see a bunch of anarchists coming up here to do just that. It would be far more entertaining than a bunch of stuffy finance ministers kicking around.

The big news back in Newfoundland for me was the MUN finally announced a new president - Gary Kachanoski. I know virtually nothing about Mr. Kachanoski so I'll be curious to hear what he has to say about education and his views about the university and especially its relationship with the provincial government. There's going to be a lot of scrutiny about this hire, given what a staggering clusterfuck the provincial government has made of the entire process. I hope he's a good president, but I guess the details will come out in the wash in the days to come.

And finally, this has nothing to do with anything, but I'm grabbing this link from John Gushue's Twitter feed because it amused me. If you've ever been tired of the crazy lady in the car for the Grey Power insurance ads, trust me, she's pretty tired of it as well. I was actually sorry to hear she never made very much money off the ad. It's annoying as hell now, but everyone remembers it and that's basically what you want in an ad.

Still, I'm glad to hear they're finally killing it. It's way past due.

Last Five
1. Happy - Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
2. Dancing in the streets - Mick Jagger and David Bowie*
3. Summer kitchen ballad - Josh Rouse
4. Houston - REM
5. Books of Moses- Tom Waits


WJM said...

1) He's not even one of the Newfoundland Kachanoskis!

2) Am I the only one who remembers that there was also a male Grey Power ad driver?

towniebastard said...

1. I hear the Fogo Kachanoskis are disgusted by the pick.

2. And yes, yes you are.

indigo said...

and that frozen international pizza comerical, there was a buxom black lady with a wiggly butt that got axed after a couple airings. It was way funnier than the current washed out young "pizza lady"