Thursday, November 12, 2009

One step closer to power

A couple of days ago we finally managed to get our AGM in at the curling club and I threw my name in for the position of vice president. And after a fierce battle involving knives and much blood letting (all right, the two candidates went in the kitchen while the vote happened. But there was a knife in there), I was elected vice-president of the club.

In the great scheme of things, it's no big deal. It's a small club, in a small city in a territory entirely too many Canadians don't know exist. But it makes me happy and on Tuesday evening I popped that in as my Facebook status, suspecting the kind of reaction I would get from my friends.

The reactions ranged from sarcastic - "Wow, what does one wear for coffee with the V-P of the Iqaluit Curling Club?" (a tartan skirt of some kind would be appropriate, I think, Stephanie) to Patricia (which is a kind of purified form of super-sarcasm) who asked "Do you have groupies now?" The answer, by the way, is since at least 1998 when Pat and I became friends.

Then there was the more conspiratorial, such as "so when does the bullet end the Pres so you can take the mantle of power?" Thank you, John. I would give you the answer, but alas, then I would have to take you out when I'm in Toronto at the end of the month.

And then there was this. Make of it what you will. "What is the point of rising to the (almost) top of the power structure in a small local volunteer organization if you don't go mad and try to do something insane? I say start overdosing on the barbiturates and give the folks at the nationals something to talk about."

For the record, I am deeply scared of my friends, and if you are at all reasonably sane, you should be as well.

What does it really mean? Well, learning from the president, organizing bonspiels, teams, leagues, begging for prizes, dealing with a few constitutional issues, promoting the club in the community and that sort of thing. Traditionally, the veep takes over the job after the president has served a year. So I might be president by March (our AGM should have been held last March, but was delayed).

All I want if for more people in town to get involved in curling, to have lots of fun and to try and get teams from Nunavut participating in more national events. When this is all over and I've managed to do just that, I'll be a happy man.

A happy man with deeply disturbed friends, but you get the picture.

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Jackie S. Quire said...

Congrats and good luck!
Does that mean you'll take over from Geikie? (incidentally, the word verification is 'gesiski' --eerie)
As you well know VP status near drove me to the brink of insanity.
But then, at least you are better established as a club and more than 3 people give a rats ass about the whole organization.
I'm sure you'll do splendidly, and of course give everyone my regards at the NCU AGM (if that's one of your duties!)

Nunavummiut Jaime said...

I was happy that you were voted vee pee. I voted for ya! I'm sure you'll do a great job...that's why you were voted in.

Also, I agree you should do something insane. Please do it on a Tuesday when I'm there.

WJM said...

Besides, we all know that if the President meets with an unfortunate accident, it will probably involve over-familiarity on his part with one of those heavy giant novelty curling pucks.

Ron said...

1. Yeah!! I win! I win!
2. Remember how a couple of weeks ago you suggested a novel incediary method to dispose of all those books I had lying around?
3. The historian's approach to power as summarized by Acton "power corrupts and asolute power corrupts absolutely". But also remember Acton's corollary, "Power is delightful and absolute power is absolutely delightful".
4. The narrative approach - Forget all that quotidian stuff. Your murder mystery is MacBeth
5. I want to thank Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour for his undying love, which I want to share with you today...