Saturday, November 07, 2009


So I was a good boy on Friday and got my H1N1 shot at the middle school. Overall, a pretty smooth process. I showed up about 15 minutes after the doors opened and I was already #85 in line. All told I only spent an hour at the school, and 15 minutes of that was spent sitting after I had the shot making sure I didn't have a bad reaction.

So how am I doing? Just fine for the most part. Yes, both of my arms feel like someone has been punching them for several hours, but it's nothing too bad and a couple of extra strength Advil takes care of much of that. I was actually feeling a touch woozy this evening, but I don't know if that's from the shot or the fact I spent nearly three hours at the curling club this afternoon. I figure I probably threw 50 or more stones during practice and then we spent some time working on the ice. So that might have been pushing things a bit.

Oh, and according to the Curling News, I am now a "Nunavut curling insider". I have no idea why that amuses me so much, but there you go.

So anyway, the world did not end when I got the shot. I have not turned into a zombie or now have a sudden craving for blood. Although I will say that reading The Strain - a book about a vampire viral outbreak in New York City - was perhaps not the smartest reading material to bring with me while waiting. I've had smarter ideas.

The people who said to go and get the shot were right. It's a minor discomfort and given how bad things are back in Newfoundland and that I'm going to be heading to Toronto in a couple of weeks it was the smart thing to do. And kudos to Nunavut health people. I haven't heard a single complaint about how they're run these inoculations. Trust me, if there was even a single mistake being made, I would have heard. People love to complain about the health department, but everyone is giving them high marks on how they've handled this so far. So good for them.

Last Five
1. Ol' 55 (live) - Tom Waits*
2. Missionary man - The Eurythmics
3. Tears, tears and more tears - Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint
4. Victory lap - Sean Panting
5. Must get out - Maroon 5


Ron said...

I got mine thursday evening - I took half of the next day off cause getting all those flu antigens in my body wiped me out but I was fine by Saturday... except for the sore arms. The injections themselves were painless.

Burke said...

If you were still in Newfoundland, you would not even be eligible to get a shot yet, no matter how long you lined up.

Karin said...

Burke is right. Amelia (who is almost 8) is just getting hers tomorrow. Needless to say she's miffed. I don't even know when/if I'll get one yet.

towniebastard said...

Which are fair points. I guess we're "lucky" that Nunavut is considered a high risk area because of its isolation. Oddly, Iqaluit was never barely hit when the first wave on H1N1 went through earlier this year and if the innoculations hold, we should be spared the worst of it again.

Still, it does kind of suck reading about all these people down south who want it, but are unable to get it.