Saturday, November 21, 2009

Turning on a dime

Wednesday evening was a bit of a low point for us. I'd say one of the lower points we've had in awhile. I think we were doing fine, but then a friend told us she couldn't house sit for us anymore over Christmas. And that's fine, if she can't she can't. But it was kind of the final domino. It was one of the few things on an increasingly insane schedule over the next few weeks we had locked down and was sure about that suddenly wasn't.

Then it just became one of those things where nothing seemed to be right. The house was still up in the air. I was still unemployed and even though I had a job interview I didn't walk out of it feeling very good. It's not that I thought I gave a bad interview; I thought I did just fine. And I could certainly do a good job. It was just a hunch (and an accurate one. I didn't get it).

Plus Cathy's health had been wobbly this week. Lots of allergic days that were taking the good out of her. Oh, and I was heading out on Saturday, meaning I wouldn't be able to help in the crunch, leaving a lot for Cathy to do. I'm going to be worried about her down in Toronto.

It was just lots of little things. It might seem trite and foolish, but we've been fortunate to lead a very good life that has gone very smoothly over the past few years. So while we were feeling down, Cathy did what she normally does to feel better...she called her mom.

Her mom's advice? "Fuck off and get zen."

Which might sound a touch harsh, but it made us both laugh and put things into perspective. There are worse places to be then where we are now.

Then a strange thing happened...about 24 hours after all this angsting, things started to fall into place. I got a call for another job interview. I'd applied for the job Thursday afternoon and a few hours later they called for an interview. It also looks promising, so here's hoping that pans out.

Then the lawyer called and we had to go and sign papers Friday night that should give a big boost to the whole house buying process. It's going to be tight, but right now it looks like we can take possession of the house on December 1 as we had planned. So that's a load off the mind.

There's also one other thing going on which I don't really want to talk about, but that's also helping take some of the pressure off.

It's funny. One day things look really sucky and then 24 hours later everything turns around on a dime. We're not out of the woods yet. I still don't have a job and the house isn't locked in. But I think we're feeling better. Or at least more zen...

Last Five
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2. Rock me - Liz Phair
3. Henrietta - The Fratellis
4. All the young dudes - Mott the Hoople
5. In your eyes (live) - Peter Gabriel*


Karin said...

I dig Cathy's Mom. Great advice.

nadinebc said...

You know, everybody I know seems to be struggling a bit these days. We are making our way through a bit of a patch ourselves.

But when you can step back and look at things, they are never really as bad as they seem.

And you always make it out the other side.