Thursday, November 19, 2009

Differing views

I've had a few people, after seeing the view out of the new house, say how lucky we are because it's such a good one. And don't get me wrong, it's a nice view. I like it. However, there are views and then there are views. So let us compare for a minute. The first is a view looking out of the window of the new house.

Not the best shot in the world, but you get the idea. It's pretty good, right? Well, here are a few pictures out my window this morning. I was working on the computer and, for some reason, just turned around and there this was.

And I managed to miss the couple of ravens playing outside the window, using the thermals off the roof to dive bomb each other. That was good fun for a few minutes.

I am looking forward to the new place, once we have all this crap dealt with. However, I will leave this apartment with a bit of remorse. From everyone we've spoken with, we are paying an insane amount of rent, even by Iqaluit standards, but honestly, this is the first place that's felt like "home" to me since we left Bond Street in 2004.

Of course, in the interest of fairness, I should present the view from the other window. On June 4, this was the view out the other window.

The houses were being removed (and being used for firefighters to practice on, I understand) and shortly afterwards they cleared the sight and spent most of early July drilling holes in the ground for the support pylons. Well, this is the view out that window this morning.

Bit of a change, eh? That sucker went up fast. I suspect they'll be stopping for the winter soon, if past precedent is any indication. They'll get the roof on and most of the siding and then call it quits for the year. Hell, they did this much work on the new Komitik Building last year before calling it quits and that still isn't finished. So this new housing unit still might not be finished by this time next year.

But yeah, the view out the other window, not quite so great.

I suspect part of this is just the yo-yoing and uncertainty regarding the new place. I just got an email saying that it looks good for December 1. Of course, I expect another one tomorrow telling me something different. Plus, I'm not going to be here next week, meaning Cathy has a lot of crap to deal with on her own.

I think I'll be glad when this year is over. Too much crap and uncertainty going on in our lives now. Getting back to the clear, calm waters again will be nice.

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Oh yeah, I guess everything has a good AND a bad side. Still, the view in the first picture is pretty amazing, as I think you have heard plenty of times. Anyway, good luck with getting used to the new house.

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