Sunday, November 08, 2009

A change is comin'

For those of you wondering how things are going with the house, well, we're currently in lawyer limbo. I've emailed and asked if there is anything else I should be doing, but I've been told this is just the process and it's now hurry up and wait. I would bug more, but I have the sneaking suspicion I'm being charged $100 every time she reads an email and probably another $100 if she needs to answer it.

I would say more disparaging things about lawyers, but I have four good friends who are lawyers. Once is the nicest guy in the world. The other three are among the most terrifying women I know and I try my best not to cross them if at all possible. And yet, I have tremendous affection for all three of them. Yes, I'm odd that way.

Anyway, I'm hoping to hear from the lawyer this week who will give us good news that things are progressing smoothly and that it looks like we will get the house on December 1. As Cathy noted today, it's only 22 days until closing. Time is flying like a fruit, as it were.

Although we have have made some progress on the furniture front. We had been planning a fairly massive furniture shopping spree in Ottawa over Easter break because we don't have much in the way of furnishings. Plus, it didn't look like the current home owners were going to part with much of their furniture. However, after getting an estimate from a moving company on how much it would cost to ship it out (let's just say a lot) they agreed to sell some of it to us.

So we've picked up a leather couch and love seat, a dining room table and chairs, a 5-piece bedroom set, including the box spring and mattress, a tall dresser and a book shelf for quite a reasonable sum of money. So that's good. At least we won't be living in a spartan house. Also, depending on how the furniture works out, maybe it means we don't need to go on a massive furniture shopping spree anymore. Although I suspect Cathy will manage to find her way to an Ikea at some point.

Oh, and Cathy spent part of the weekend packing. Just the way she works. The whole idea of waiting until the week before we go to start this isn't possible. I think her mind would explode if she waited that long.

I get the feeling this is just the quiet before the storm. It's less than two weeks until I head to Toronto, there's a house we are theoretically moving into in barely three weeks. Plus, I've applied for several jobs and the way things work, with all that going on, one of them is going to hit, I can just feel it.

A big change is coming in the next couple of weeks. That much is obvious. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how big.

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Ron said...

Well you know the joke don't you?

Its so cold in Iqaluit you see the lawyers walking around with their hands in their own pockets.

nadinebc said...

It will all come together. Probably all at once, but it will work out.