Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Republic of Doyle long trailer

I get a lot of traffic coming through the blog these days searching for "Republic of Doyle". I guess that's a good sign for the CBC, although they went and killed the video trailer on their website for some reason shortly after I linked to it. Stupid, but there's the CBC for you.

Anyway, Robert found two new YouTube links for the show (plus an interesting idea for a travel show that's just under the trailer for "The Republic of Doyle - a show about finding the best places in the world to go skinny dipping). So thank you, Robert. I will now shamelessly steal one of those YouTube videos and put up here.

This is the longer of the two and contains pretty much all the information in the first one. The shorter one is just a touch snappier. Regardless, it looks fun. And honestly, if you can make Gordan Pinsent a reoccurring character, I'm going to be following you for quite some time. The best thing about "Due South" was always Pinsent's appearances.

Here's hoping this is as fun as it looks. Although I do find all the gunfire amusing. I suspect there are more bullets fired in this trailer than in an entire year in St. John's.

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tanker belle said...

Looks like fun, but doesn't much resemble life in SJ. Of course, virtually nothing in tv world resembles anything in real life anywhere. I think the lead was picked because he looks like Colin Farrel.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that. I hear about it but I haven't seen a trailer until now! Looks like it could be pretty funny.

Karin said...

They were filming a scene out in front of our house the other day and Amelia's school was transformed into a police station a few weeks ago. Its been a lot of fun to watch. I hope it does well. There are a ton of locals involved with the project so it can only be good for STJ's.

towniebastard said...

I was thinking when I watched it that he looked like Farrell. A slightly less skeevy version of him, perhaps. But there's definitely a similarity.

It's also nice that the cast isn't the same group of NL acting regulars that get these shows. I recognize some of the guest stars, but the regulars are a different bunch.

Anonymous said...

the lead wasn't actually picked, he created the show and is also the executive producer.

ILoveNL said...

The show looks awesome. Look at all the beautiful shots of St. Johns. There has never been anything like this. Very cool. This show is going to set a new standard for Newfoundland productions. I can't wait to see it!