Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Settling in

A quick update for those wondering how things are going. Not to long of one, you understand, as there are Things To Do. And they must be done now.

So we now own the home. Or, I think we will in less than an hour. It was supposed to close yesterday, there was a glitch of some kind, but now it will close at 3 p.m. this afternoon. Which is good, because if someone comes knocking on our door and tells us to get out, there will be much tears. Or possibly even blood.

But no one has come knocking, so I assume we're safe.

A pretty glitch-free move over all. We're 99 per cent in at this point, with only a couple of small things left at the apartment, mostly for cleaning the place up. Funny enough, our next door neighbours at the old apartment building wanted to take a look at the place. They're thinking of putting in for a move of convenience and getting the place. I wish them all the best. I loved that apartment and I'm sad to see it go.

However, we're settling in here now. The movers took about two hours to take most of our stuff from there to here. Nothing appears to be damaged or broken. Of course, most of it is still in boxes. We're going to be unpacking and finding things for days. As Cathy does not handle clutter or disorganization well, this could be a frantic next few days.

The only glitches so far are the internet was late being turned on. Cathy called a week ago to get it transferred. After several calls to NorthwesTel, who assured us it was turned on, we got someone in tech services who played around with a few things and made it work. So I no longer have to steal internet from my neighbours. Which is good.

The only significant hold up now is our satellite. The dish is there, the receiver is here, but apparently when the previous owners left they took something called an SW-21 switch, which they were supposed to do. I have bought a new one, but have no earthly idea how to go about installing it. I also suspect we'll need a ladder to reach the dish to do this, something our current house does not possess.

We'll get it figured out, it's just a nuisance for now.

(Lo and behold, I got interrupted while typing this by some friends coming over to figure out what was wrong. It's solved, but I didn't need an SW-21 switch, so that bloody thing is going back this evening or tomorrow).

But yes, we own a house. It hasn't collapsed underneath us as I feared it might once we moved in. Because that's just the way I think sometimes. Drives Cathy nuts from time to time, but I do tend of have a mindset to expect the worse to happen.

However, right now I'm sitting in one of the bedrooms, which we've converted into a den/library and typing this from a couch. And it feels pretty nice. I might get used to this after all.

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tanker belle said...

I call it a "chicken little complex" and himself has one. You can tell Cathy I find the best way of dealing with it is to have a "Plan E" - worst case scenario back-up plan. Himself usually sleeps better knowing I have 5 different plans and have covered the worst outcome.

How to handle her intense dislike of disorder - everyone needs a break, she can't go at it every minute she isn't working, she'll burn out. So, take breaks *away from the house*. I realise your options are limited in Iqaluit, but she can't take a break sitting in the middle of a pile of half-empty boxes...I relate.