Friday, December 11, 2009

Not freaking out quite so much

We've had a few people asking how the whole home owning thing is going for us so far. I inquired to a few homeowners at curling if the stark terror that something horrible is going to happen ever goes away. I've been assured that after a few years it kind of eases into the background. Although perhaps that person shouldn't have told me he accidentally spent $10,000 on his bathroom. That gave me the cold shivers.

Other than that everything seems to have found a home. Two boxes of knicknacks bit the dust today, thus marking the official end of the boxes. Of course, they're piled up in the shed attached to the house because we're not sure what to do with them. I don't know if garbage in town takes them away or not. I seem to recall some rule regarding how to dispose of cardboard. I guess I should call city hall and ask about that.

Other than that, we're getting used to the occasional odd sounds that houses produce. The water truck showing up and filling our tanks is still a weird experience for us. Although it didn't show up today, for some reason, so we're down to about half a tank. That's low for us, but we'll have no problem making it until the truck shows up tomorrow.

So yeah, it's all starting to settle in, I guess. Of course, our first mortgage payment won't clear until Monday and most our our bills are being paid directly by Visa, so we still have a little grace before all the money starts flying out of our bank accounts. I shudder to think about the oil bill. Oddly, I suspect I'll be turning into my father, what with all the going around and turning off lights and making sure the heat isn't up too high.

Anyway, with luck I'll have a job by then. I was ranting on Twitter and Facebook today that I will do anything except prostitution and substitute teach at this point. Then, oddly, someone dropped me a line and told me to contact them, they might have something for me. So we'll see. A job before Christmas would be awfully nice.

Finally, we're having a small house warming/Christmas gathering Saturday evening. If you're in town and interested in swinging by, drop me a line and I can send you the address.

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little red hen said...

Why do you have to get water from a truck? Please explain to the ignorant southern.

towniebastard said...

Not all of Iqaluit is on standard water and sewer. In fact, I would say at most only 50% of the city is. For the rest of us, we depend on two trucks.

The first struck is the water truck. Each house that uses water from a truck has a red light on the side of the house. If the light is off when the truck swings by on its daily rounds, it pulls up to the house and then pumps water into the tanks I have in the house. We have a 750 gallon (or, as I have discovered, 2832 litres) tanks for holding all of our water.

A few hours later another truck shows up to pump out all the sewage. Perhaps not the most efficent way to do things, but there you go.

Sarah said...

...ahhh the joys of water and sewage trucks... fun times!!! Hope you have an awesome 'house warming'/christmas gathering... I'm in town this weekend to celebrate my bday... although I'm still in denial about turning 30!

tanker belle said...

so, someone contacted you after you said you wouldn't prostitute but neglected to rule out stripping.

WJM said...

I guess I can go ahead and not send you that job listing for the supply prostitution instructor then.

towniebastard said...

Half way around the world from each other and yet, very nearly the same joke. Impressive.

And Sarah, you're welcome to come by, although I suspect you'll be spending the evening at the Legion. Happy 30th, regardless.

tanker belle said...

It says something about your choice in friends I think. At least you chose better when it came to marriage.

Jennith said...

Subbing really isn't that bad.

Aida said...

we dont even pay oil and i am already turning into my mother! LOL the water/truck isnt too bad, well except i suppose when its hunting season or a blizzard, probably better in iqaluit, not so great in Arviat during these 2 events.