Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pub night

We're beginning the slow fade into Christmas break in the blogging world. The past few months have seen a huge boost in the traffic running through here. But as always, about a week or so before Christmas the numbers begin to drop. People get busy preparing for the holidays and then wrapped up in the events themselves. All of which is to be expected. I understand when people have better things to do than read this blog. Hell, even I know my writing has been a bit flat the last couple of weeks. It happens. I've learned not to fret about such things. At some point the writing will spike upwards again or something will trigger my moral outrage and I'll be off to the races.

Well, here's hoping so anyway.

As for our Christmas, as might be expected, things are already starting to get crowded. We're designated Sunday, December 27th as a Duke night. If you're in St. John's and you'd like to see either Cathy or myself, please swing on down to the Duke of Duckworth around 8 pm and we'll make sure we're there. By the way, this includes friends and people who just read the blog. By all means pop down. Hopefully we'll see our friends lots of times, but it's Christmas and I know exactly what that time of the year can get like in a big bloody hurry. Next thing you know we're back in Iqaluit answering emails from people upset they missed us while we were home.

So mark it on your calendars and come on down for a pint.

Oh, and in an unrelated note, I finally got the results back from my physical. I figured since my turning 40 is closing in rapidly, it was time of a 40,000 km check-up. Results were all very positive. Cholesterol is good, blood pressure is good, no real obvious problems. I need to keep losing some weight, which I knew anyway and that's in progress, but other than that, things seems to be fine.

I'm kind of pleased with that. The last physical I had was back in 2005 and my doctor chewed my ass out for how much weight I had put on, my blood pressure and cholesterol. So if I'm doing better, that's good and here's hoping I keep on track.

Last Five
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2. City of lakes - Matt Mays*
3. Will there be enough water - The Dead Weather
4. Here comes those tears again - Jackson Browne
5. Letterbomb - Green Day

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