Thursday, December 03, 2009

Death to boxes

So we had a mass slaughter of boxes here last night. I'm certainly not speaking disparagingly of my wife, but Cathy and I operate at two different speeds when it comes to unpacking. I'm content to pick and poke at things, unpack a few boxes and then find homes for the things. Not the fastest way to go about doing it, perhaps not even the most efficient, but I'm fine with it. As Cathy said to me last night, "You'd be perfectly content to come back from Christmas and still be unpacking." True.

Cathy, on the other hand, wants all the boxes gone now. So as I type this morning, there is but a sole box that escaped the slaughter unscathed last night, and that's the one containing our carvings. Not everything has a home, you understand. A good chunk of it will be moved from it's current location to a more permanent place over the next few days, but the boxes are all gone.

Of course, as I type this I'm waiting for NorthMart to come and deliver our sea lift order, so soon our hallway will be filled with even more boxes, but small matter. The moving boxes containing all of our stuff are empty and broken down.

I also enjoy that during the slaughter last night, Cathy plotted out probably $20,000 in home renovations that she has planned over the next few years. There is a small dividing wall between the kitchen and living room...she wants that gone. And because that will screw up both the ceiling and the floor, well, she's going to need to pull all of the tiles from the floor and put in laminate. She also wants all of the carpet gone from the bedrooms and laminate put in there as well. Plus several of the rooms clearly need to be repainted.

I confess, the logic of pulling up carpet and putting in flooring with rugs on top of it is one of those things that just does not seem 100 per cent logical to me, but I'm just going with the flow.

As for Boo, he's adapting just fine. No freaking out, no behaving strangely in a new place. Then again, he's 3.5 years old and this is, essentially, the fourth place he's lived in. Our two places in the previous apartment building and Cathy's parent's house in Mount Pearl during the summers. So he's an old hand and finding himself in strange new places and adapting.

Finally, I've noticed I've been nominated in a couple of categories at the Canadian Blogging Awards - Best Overall Blog and Best Blog Post Series for the bit I did on the best pictures I've ever taken. I suspect Megan did most of the nominating, but if someone else out there nominated me, then thank you.

Now, this is the long list. They're doing it a bit differently this year so you can vote from your top 10 favourite blogs in order and then they weed those down to the Top 10 you can vote for later in a few weeks.

I'm not certain how hard I'm going to be campaigning for this. I'm flattered to be nominated, but there's a lot of excellent blogs out there, and the campaigns to win this from some blogs are pretty intense. Still, if people out there would like to head on over to the Canadian Blogging Awards website and vote for me, or some of the other excellent northern blogs, I would say that is a brilliant idea. I believe voting on this round cues up on December 12, so get in there and vote.

In the meantime, I'm gearing up for the truly big blogging awards - The Nunies, which should be starting in a few weeks. I'll be gunning for the Best Blog award, which I lost in a heart breaking tie-breaker last year to Port Town Ghosts. But this year it will be mine, oh yes....

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Megan said...

I will confess to doing some but certainly not "most" of the nominating. :) You earned your noms.

tanker belle said...

Carpet is inherently dirty and there's nothing you can do about it. Flooring is easy to clean and rugs can be also be properly cleaned.

I'm impressed with Cathy, I couldn't get all the boxes here done in one fell swoop, close, but no.

Clare said...

"I'll be gunning for the Best Blog award, which I lost in a heart breaking tie-breaker last year to Port Town Ghosts. But this year it will be mine, oh yes...."

Well I was going to throw my hat in the ring this year, but I guess there's no point.

towniebastard said...

Clare, you better throw your hat into the ring. I've been bugging you for years to do it. I understand it's your awards and your rules, but I've always felt it was a mistake. So I hope you enter.

Clare said...

Ain't gonna happen, the temptation to cheat and win it all is just too great within me. I'm better just administrating it, and leave the awards to the many deserving blogs in the Territory.