Sunday, December 20, 2009

Half way there

Well, we're in Ottawa and as I write this I'm sitting in the Porter lounge area using one of their snazzy iMacs. Porter lets even riff raff like ourself into the lounge and not just people flying first class. So it's a good start to the day. The weather out east is looking a touch remains to be seen if we will manage to avoid the blizzard coming up the east coast towards Halifax, where we have a brief stopover, and it's apparently quite foggy in St. John's. Let's hope we earned some good karma from yesterday's travels to get us back to St. John's safely.

Yesterday wasn't a bad day for us. A touch frustrating perhaps. We were an hour late leaving Iqaluit because the line through security was so brutal. They really do need a new airport in Iqaluit to accomodate the increased traffic flow. Then again, I'm reminded of a Facebook status update from a fellow traveller yesterday - "If you don't know you need to take the coins out of your pocket when going through security in Iqaluit..." and, well, then there were threats of violence against fellow passengers.

Although the really frustrating part was waiting an hour for our luggage in Ottawa. No reason given and the First Air staff near the luggage carosel seemed completely useless in helping people out. Now, it was just a touch frustrating for us because we wanted to get to our hotel, get something to eat and maybe catch a movie. But there were people who needed to get their luggage to catch connecting flights. And we know a couple of families who missed them. It would have been tight if they got their luggage right away, but an hour is just insane. I've been to massive international airports where the luggage has gotten there faster than that. Someone dropped the ball there somewhere.

I guess I shouldn't complain too much though. It's all in perspective. A friend of mine sent me this link awhile back about how people complain too much and take for granted the technological miracles around us every day.. Which is true.

Here's hoping our technological miracles get us back to St. John's safe, sound and reasonably on time today.


Jordan~Stephanie said...

merry christmas to you both! enjoy your holidays :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone who books a connecting flight the same day as they leave Nunavut is asking for disappointment.

Jason in Igloolik