Sunday, December 27, 2009

Duke night - tonight!

A reminder for those of you living in St. John's (or having a strong hankering to make a sudden, spontaneous trip to the city), Cathy and I will be at the Duke of Duckworth this evening. We'll be there around 8pm (give or take a few minutes) and will be there, I would say, until at least midnight. Probably longer if things are going well.

Aside from the fact that I haven't been to the Duke since I was home, which is clearly wrong, this is a chance to see some people who we might not get around to seeing otherwise. It's just simply case of time. We don't have enough of it to get around and see each person we would like individually. So that's why we hope there's a good turnout of old and new friends this evening. It always sucks when we get home and get notes from people saying how sorry they are that they didn't get to see us. Well, this is your chance, so please come on out.

As for the holidays, I'm in better spirits than Sunday. I was just in a bit of a blue mood on Sunday for no reason I can really figure out. But on Boxing Day I went around the bay, saw a couple of my aunts and cousins, which was great. I also got to see my nan, which was....hard. She didn't really know who I was, but that's not going to change. But she seems healthy and the retirement home they have her placed in is really quite nice.

Even with the name Shag Rock Manor (actually, that's kind of awesome) it's a new home and the staff take good care of her.

Anyway, off to face the next part of the Gauntlet. Shopping and seeing some friends for brunch and coffee...


Simon said...

We will be taking in the Feast of Cohen and then will head down after. Hold the fort!

Anonymous said...

Curses! I didn't know you were going to be there! Hope you had fun.

Mark said...

This is funny. I haven't read your blog in over a week. Just realized that I was probably sitting right next to you at the Duke for about an hour the other day. It's a small world.