Monday, December 07, 2009

All grown up

I think early in our relationship I got a strange look from Cathy when I made a comment about the kids in the Harry Potter movies. And the comment was something like this - "those kids are going to grow-up into seriously attractive adults."

And yeah, that's a weird thing to say when looking at 11 or 12 year olds, but I could just tell looking at them back then that they were going to look interesting when they grow up.

Those words kind of came home over the past few days. The first came when I followed a link to Empire Online. They're celebrating their 20th anniversary and wanted to get some actors being photographed reprising their most famous roles for some of the most important movies of the past 20 years. The Potter films obviously fit that bill, so they have this picture of the three leads.

Sadly, my first thought when I saw this picture was, "Wow, nice legs Hermione." Then there was the crashing realization that I may well go to hell for thinking that. However, in an attempt to take as many of you with me as possible, you may want to digest this news - there are swirling and conflicting reports about Daniel Radcliffe appearing naked in the last two films. I was trying to figure out how that could happen, but the two scenes they mention kind of make sense if he's not wearing much or anything.

Watching the Potter kids grow older and likely go on to do more adult roles is going to be one of those deeply weird experiences for a generation of people, I think. Mainly because they seem like such good, normal kids despite the bizarre circumstances surrounding their teen years. I attribute that to the movies being filmed in England, good parents and an insanely protective cast and crew. If those movies were shot anywhere near Hollywood, I think it would have been a much different result. So watching them go off and do other things after the movie wrap up is going to be weird, I think.

Oh, and just because I commented on Emma Watson's legs, here's something else from that Empire photo shoot for the ladies. There are a lot of nice photos there, actually, but I thought this one in particular might make some happy...

Last Five
1. Dancing in the dark - Bruce Springsteen
2. Flying - The Beatles
3. The man who sold the world (live) - Nirvana*
4. The Sunday song - Amelia Curran
5. There is a war (live) - Sean Panting


Megan said...


towniebastard said...

I know, they're great legs, right?

tanker belle said...

DR has already been naked, *live*, onstage. I'm thinking he's pretty comfortable...and will always have a rather large following.

Adam Snider said...

While I can't possibly imagine a nude scene in a Potter movie, I understand why Radcliff has done the nude thing on stage and why he might do it in future movies: he's trying to avoid being typecast.

And, yes, Watson has some killer legs.

Ron said...

Forget the legs, the shoes, The Shoes, THE SHOES!

I never really figured out the 'thing' with Viggo Mortensen. Karl Urban as Eomer was somewhat interesting but I really got off on David Wenham as Faramir which is odd because he spends most of the films either moaning about how his father doesn't love him or in a coma.