Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Home stretch

We're heading into the home stretch for the Christmas madness. Yesterday was an evening at a pub in Mount Pearl with a good friend of mine, which was awesome. Four hours in a pub with a good friend, shooting the shit, is such a rare pleasure for me that it nearly made me late for the rest of the day's activities. That included a good meal on Indian food at the Taj and then the Feast of Cohen. For those from away, The Feast features some of the best musicians Newfoundland has doing Leonard Cohen songs. It's been going on for ten years and it's always a treat.

The best of the bunch, in my opinion, was Sean Panting's delightfully macho "I'm your man", Amelia Curran's lovely "Bird on a wire" and Liz Solo doing "Joan of Arc". It was a great show, with very few misfires. Cherie Pyne comes to mind. But it was a blip on a great evening. Although I would like to know what happened to Mark Bragg, who was on the list to play, but was't there.

We're getting ready to head out for the day. So we have brunch at a friend of Cathy's family, then perhaps seeing our friend Suzy, we're trying to catch Sherlock Holmes, then we have supper with my father, followed by trying to catch a friend of mine doing some stand-up at Mustang Sally's and then, assuming we have any energy left, to go and see Sean Panting play a show at the Bull.

No kidding, assuming we survive making it back to Iqaluit this weekend, we're going to be in a coma for the better part of the week trying to recover. Still, the trip is going better than I would have thought a month ago when I was worried about job stuff. We might be exhausted, but we're in good spirits.

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