Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Your second last Boo update

A friend of mine on Facebook joked that I have written a small novel updating the health status of our dog. Which is probably true. It would also probably make for a pretty boring novel, although that book Marely and Me seems to have netted the author a fair chunk of change. Perhaps I should scrap the current book and start working on one featuring the wacky adventures of a little white fluff ball in the arctic.

Anyway, until I get around to writing that, an update on his health. All appears to be well. Around 2 am last night he finally started to eat some food, which was pretty much the big moment we were waiting for. His energy was back already and he hadn't been sick. But he was still on an IV and wasn't eating, which was a bit of a concern.

But he's eating now, drinking and removed the IV himself. "He was apparently done with it," the vet said with some amusement. He's also entertaining the staff. When Cathy called this evening to make arrangements to get him sent back home, the night vet said he was just hanging around out back with them, having a good time.

So that's good. Glad he's in good spirits and keeping them amused. Maybe they'll give us a break on the bill.

No, probably not. This hasn't been a cheap jaunt down south, but it's been worth it because he'll be come back on Friday in much better shape than when he left.

Yeah, it'll be Friday before we can get him up here. He's fine now, but we couldn't make the arrangements in time to get him on Thursday. Plus, an extra down down south just to be on the safe side isn't a bad idea.

But he's good and we're looking forward to having him home soon. Your last update is when we finally get him back.

Last Five
1. I think I love you - Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies
2. Under the sea - Lindsay Buckingham*
3. Roll with it - Oasis
4. I'd like to (live) - Corinne Bailey Rae
5. Vultures - John Mayer


Tracey said...

It would be great to see a video post of Boo arriving home from the south. I'd love to see how excited he is when he enters your apartment.

nadinebc said...

Glad to here the little furball is doing well.

WJM said...

I was about to post the video suggestion too. Put it on YouTube with melodramatic music-over.