Monday, January 19, 2009

Blue Monday

Yes, a rare three post day. But I have a lot of stuff I wanted to say today and some of it is time sensitive, so here's your third dose of me for the day.

So a funny thing happened today. I read this story which says today is Blue Monday. That according to some researchers, when you take into account factors such as cold, daylight, credit card bills, failed New Years Resolutions, etc... that January 19 is the most depressing day of this year.

(I try hard not to think of how close it is to my birthday, or what it means when I turn 80, I mean, 40 next year.)

So I sent this story around to some of my friends. Sort of a "Just in case your day is sucking, well, here's the reason why" sort of thing. And several of them got back to me and explained that they were, in fact, having a pretty good day. They were taking a vacation day and hanging out playing Wii with their kid. They were looking at office space for setting up their own law firm. One is in Washington DC to see Obama get sworn in. They were planning trips. One was stuck on a ride in Disney Land, which is bad, but there are worse places to be stuck.

And even with us, things aren't that bad. We have Boo back. The airlines have their "seat sales" on, so for only $1,280 each we can fly to Ottawa over Easter break. So we're beginning to do some plotting about going far south over Easter, simply because Jackie was making us deeply jealous today.

But if this is the suckiest day of the year, well, I'm perfectly all right with that.

Oh, and for those looking for a different take on the day, go to Warren Ellis' blog where people were encouraged to submit a picture of themselves and their own Blue Monday message. Some are funny, some are kind of sad, but there is some amusement there.

And how was your suckiest day of the year?

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