Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another one down

So, the observant among you may note that there are nine candles on the cake. This accurately represents at least one of the two digits in my age that I celebrated today. This is kind of significant as it marks my final year in this particular decade in my life.

Which is a touch sad, I have to admit. While my 20s has their fun moments, the vast majority of it, particularly the later part of them, was spent meandering, trying to figure out what to do with my life and having a dating life that would best be described as horrific.

All my 30s have given me have been several really nice jobs, meeting my wonderful and lovely wife, and the opportunity to travel, which will be topped by a dream trip to Australia this summer.

I've enjoyed by 30s. I was kind of dreading them when I first hit, but they've turned out remarkably well. And hell, I still have a year left, so I might get more pleasant things happening. If one of those pleasant things was winning the $22 million on the 6-49 this evening, let's just say it would make a hell of a nice birthday gift and a good capper on my 30s.

But on the off-chance that doesn't happen, I guess it's time to start saving up for my mid-life crisis car. There's a proud history in my family of the men losing their shit when they turned 40 and buying silly cars. My dad bought a convertible Camero (which he still has, 20 years later). My uncle bought a convertible Corvette.

Alas, a convertible really won't work up here. Nor will the car I really want, a Mini Cooper. Fortunately, there is this, which might get launched later this year. A "Mini Crossover". And if they build that, well, I might be trying to persuade Cathy that clearly we need a new toy like this.

Anyway, here's to surviving another trip around the sun. Cheers...

Last Five
1. Captain Kidd - Great Big Sea
2. Whatshername - Green Day
3. See the world - Gomez*
4. Say what you want - Texas
5. Delirious - Prince


Megan said...

Happy birthday!

In Iqaluit said...

For you, one of my favourite birthday greetings:

Happy Birthday! Although I don't mean happy in the sense of blissfully ignorant, sheep-like, propaganda-fed, drooling t.v.-zombie, denial-anaesthetized, pampered, bourgeois, too-apathetic-to-think, instant gratification happy - but a loving, balanced, grateful, spiritually-conscious, community-supported, confident, impervious-to-corporate-deceit, grounded, optimistic and lifelong kind of happy. (Apoplectic Press)

Have a wonderful year and keep up the great blogging, Townie Bastard!

In Iqaluit

John Mutford said...

Happy birthday.

Kate Nova said...

Belated wishes on your bday!

Bob Izumi Jr. said...

Wait, so you're 80?

Happy belated!