Saturday, January 24, 2009


This should have been a pretty celebratory week for the Nunavut blogging community. It was the conclusion of the Nunies, with lots of awards and prizes given away. If other bloggers follow their stats like I do, you've also probably seen a huge spike in your numbers. Lots of people have been swing by to visit.

It should be good times. I've said before and I've said again, I'm very proud of this community we've built up slowly over the last few years.

And then, you get stuff that makes me want to bash my head off something.

I mentioned earlier this week that someone took it upon themselves to try and get at least two northern bloggers in trouble by directly contacting their employer and letting them know what their employees were up to in their spare time. I'm pretty sure I know who that was and I'd damn sure it was a shitty thing to do.

And now I had another one last night.

Last night I received an anonymous comment. No, it wasn't from my usual stalker. This person took it upon themselves to absolutely trash talker another Nunavut blogger. The trash talk itself would be annoying enough, but to hide behind the cowardice of being anonymous popped by blood pressure up a notch or two.

Honestly, has this person ever read this blog? Does crappy, anonymous gossip seem like something I'm interested in hearing, let alone putting on this blog?

So, to sum up, a few closing points.
1. To the anonymous person, pray we never meet in real life. I will make your ears bleed with the verbal lashing you will get. And if you're the same person who ratted out this bloggers earlier the week, well, it really won't be pleasant.
2. Do me a favour, never come back to this blog. Seriously.
3. If you have something to say, sign your damn name to it. I don't mind the daily little anonymous comments that people put on the blog when I'm talking politics or music or something. But if you're going to say something that you damn well know is going to be controversial or say something mean about someone, sign your name to it or don't bother. Don't be a chicken-shit and hide behind this anonymous bullshit.

I'm really upset by this, in case you haven't figured this out already. As I said, it's a good community up here. However, this elementary school level, anonymous tattle-tailing or petty squabbling bullshit drives me nuts when it happens. Spare me, will you all. Please?

Anyway, onwards to happier things.

Last Five
1. Consolers of the lonely - The Raconteurs*
2. Flirting with time - Tom Petty
3. For no one - The Beatles
4. Jane - Barenaked Ladies
5. Black eyed boy - Texas


Way Way Up said...

Wow! That's really unfortunate. I picked up my own troll shortly before Christmas when discussing the cull in Pond Inlet. Granted, I suppose I brought it on myself but I can totally sympathize with the putting up with the stench of unwanted commenters.

I live in a small community so perhaps I can be excused for not getting out much, particularly during the cold dark season. But really, I would think this anonymous person likely lives in a place much bigger than AB so I wonder what THEIR excuse for not having a life is.

The Perfect Storm said...

Sick sad stuff, based on what you describe. I've posted here, in an anonymous fashion I suppose, but then I don't want yet another ID to keep track of.

To the poster(s) who have such poor self image that they're afraid to stand up for their own words, get help. You can eventually become someone who is no longer self-loathing.

Townie: the problem comes with growing fame. Bugs are always attracted to the bright lights unfortunately.


SBB said...

Hang in there, they are not worth the energy, really

Megan said...

I have stalkers (AKA the Forces of Evil) and trolls. They are pathetic losers who believe that they are much more important and interesting than they actually are.

These anonymous morons should be embarrassed, but they're too dumb to be capable of seeing how they appear to other people.

towniebastard said...

If this was someone popping up and talking shit about me, that's one thing. I get those occasionally and I know how to deal with it.

It's just this level of...cowardice. To pop up and anonymously slag another blogger. It's so fucking Grade 5 that it drives me nuts. This is a person too cowardly to even go to that person's blog and say bad things. They have to come here and do it.

I know I should ignore it, but the urge to find this person, reach through the internet and shake some sense into them is overwelming.

Mireille Sampson said...

I'm wondering if the person isn't metally defective or some such.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sad. This cloak of anonymity frequently brings out the worse in some. Things that they'd never have the cajones to say face to face, or the moral base, seem to spew out of some when they can hide in the shadows like a feral dog at the bottom of the pack's order.

KOTN said...

I would have something to add, but you already wrote "chickenshit"....

and yeah, we all know who the original squealer was.

Everybody knows, small towns and all.

They better be beyond reproach, living in that glass house.